Photo by AP/Getty
Photo by AP/Getty

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) rejected the criticism that he came out against the bipartisan Ryan-Murray budget agreement before reading it, saying Friday on CBS’ “This Morning” that he knew the “details” of the plan before it came out.
“I knew full well all the details of the important parts that were in it. In fact, they had been leaked days in advance, they had been leaked hours in advance,” he said Friday. “There was an understanding in this building, including from among our conferees about what it included, and it had fundamental things we were well-aware of.”
He went on, “For example, that it broke the budget caps that Congress had imposed on itself just two years ago and actually will increase the amount of money we have to borrow. It had elements in there, for example, that will make it easier for Democrats to come back to Congress and raise taxes by waiving something called the budget point of order, which is a technical term internally but basically it means they can come back with 51 votes in the Senate and raise taxes. Those two reasons alone are reasons to oppose this.”
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