GPS Guide: Rob White's Tips For Greater Happiness


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By Rob White

It’s wise to understand that, in every moment, you are about as happy as you assume it’s your right to be. And, it’s profoundly relieving when you trust that it’s your birthright to be happy and enjoy life.

If, right now, you were to rate your life by laughter, where would you place yourself on a scale of one to 10? If you find that you’re living lower than eight on the Happiness Scale, it’s important to accept the fact that only one person can help elevate your attitude — and that person is you.

When you catch yourself wandering down an alley where dark thoughts exist, you always have the power to flip the switch and turn on the light. You flip the switch by looking beyond “the imperfections of life.” Where your attention goes, your feelings flow. Click here to see a list of five tips to help you look beyond the imperfections and turn on the light.

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