Rapper DMX Arrested Yet Again!


Hard-core rapper DMX (pictured) just can’t seem to stay out of jail. The hip-hop star was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by Greer, S.C., police for making an illegal U-turn on Tuesday night. When officers searched the late-model pickup truck, they allegedly uncovered marijuana and placed DMX in handcuffs, according to TMZ.

According to authorities, they initially found bags of weed sitting on the passenger door armrest. Afterward, though, they found food under the vehicle’s driver-side floorboard. Police also allege that DMX, whose actual name is Earl Simmons, reeked of alcohol.

One of the arresting officers reportedly recognized the performer and knew there was a warrant out for his arrest that stemmed from a previous traffic violation: driving sans a license.

DMX was hauled off to jail but insists that he was set up.

The confrontation between DMX and law enforcement was all captured on video by a female companion of the rapper.  On the video, DMX can be heard vehemently declaring, “This ain’t no normal traffic stop. Eighteen  cops, five cars, get the f–k outta here, man.”

Watch video of DMX’s arrest here:

A police report alleges that DMX was “aggressive” during the arrest, “[He was] very aggressive with his words and was making multiple idle threats.” He also is said to have suffered a slight asthma attack on the scene but was treated by paramedics.

According to TMZ, DMX was only incarcerated for one night, then let go the following day.  Upon DMX’s release, he was reportedly facing extended house arrest as the result of a previous conviction.

This go-round DMX is reportedly looking at a possible 15 days behind bars,but may wind up doing only 10, for good behavior.

Thus far, the bad boy of gangsta rap and sometimes actor has been cuffed for animal cruelty, DUI, identity falsification, possession of narcotics, weapons charges, probation violation, reckless driving, and using indecent language in a foreign country while performing on stage and carjacking.

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