Quench Wellness Center Provides Health Care Beyond the Status Quo

Located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, Quench Wellness is the brainchild of best friends, Dr. Gameli Dakayie, and Dr. Chantale Stephens-Archer. While they trained at different hospitals, Dr. Gameli and Dr. Chantale knew they would eventually open a practice together. Its mission is to empower women through health education.

Dr. Gameli, an emergency room physician, and Dr. Chantale, an internal medicine physician, found medicine to be more reactive and felt it was vital to practice more preventative medicine. Initially, they saw dehydration as a leading cause of medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. They decided to focus on ridding the body of dehydration to address the causes of some of these conditions. They added services such as IV Hydration, vitamin replenishing, and bioidentical-Hormone Replacement therapy (Bio-HRT) to their services at Quench Wellness. These services were often not easily accessible or available in Black communities. They are grateful that these services are now available to all women, specifically women of color.

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Quench Wellness

Dr. Gameli and Dr. Chantale believe women should have a choice when it comes to their health that goes beyond the status quo. Dr. Gameli says when they met with patients, they found women were unaware of their medical history and had many questions about their health. Dr. Gameli and Dr. Chantale wanted Quench Wellness to cater to women “who look like us” and to be progressive and preventative.

By teaching patients how to take care of their bodies to prevent illness, Quench Wellness also provides a comfortable environment for those who feel intimidated to discuss issues with their doctors in a language they can understand. Now a full-service wellness center, Quench Wellness allows Dr. Gameli, and Dr. Chantel to continue to share information and empower women by providing medical knowledge and support about their bodies.

Quench Wellness is rooted in simple principles such as good sleep, hydration, and healing your body with proper nutrition and vitamins. Dr. Chantale says they are happy to provide these services to the community. Being able to relate, understand and present information to their clients from women they can trust is imperative.

Quench Wellness also provides services for people including Vitamin infusions, Bio-HRT, IV hydration, Vitamin Shots, medical weight loss, nutritionist, meal plans, dietitians, and Yoga.

For more information on Quench Wellness, visit their website at www.https://quenchwellness.com/.


Shera Strange is a fitness and health writer. Find her on social media @StrangeFitness or on LinkedIn at Shera Strange.



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