Primary Challenger Kina Collins more than Doubles Rep. Danny Davis Q2 Haul

Organizer, activist, and nationally-recognized gun violence prevention advocate Kina Collins’ campaign for Congress announced it more than doubled incumbent Rep. Danny Davis’ fundraising haul, raising $130,154 to Davis’ $52,212. The announcement makes it clear that Rep. Danny Davis faces a hotly-contested primary challenge in IL-7, one far more serious than any he has faced in previous cycles.

While over 90% of Kina Collins’ donations came from contributions under $200, her opponent received the majority of his donations from PACs. The contrast makes it clear that Collins’ grassroots base is fired up — and that Rep. Danny Davis is losing his hold on the voters of a district he’s long taken for granted.

“Thanks to the strength of our grassroots movement on the ground, we’ve raised more money than our corporate-backed opponent, and we did it without relying on corporate PAC money,” said Kina Collins. “After surpassing our entire 2020 haul in a matter of weeks on this campaign, it’s clear that Chicago voters are ready for a new type of leader — one who meets the urgent crises we face with the urgent leadership this moment demands.”

The fundraising announcement comes on the heels of recent reporting from NBC News that House Democrats are launching a political action committee to protect incumbents like Danny Davis from insurgent progressive challengers like Kina. The astonishing growth of Kina’s grassroots support since last cycle makes it clear that regardless of the PAC money that establishment Democrats throw behind Danny Davis, the people of IL-7 are ready for fresh leadership.

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