Preparing for the Upcoming School Year

Summer 2021 is vastly coming to a close. Before we know it, it will be time for students to head back to school for a new year of learning. To get a jump start to a successful school year, look at the list below for a few pointers to plan a good school year.

  1. Start purchasing supplies for school and home. Begin checking the school’s website for a supply list and get ahead on buying things. Once you’ve secured supplies for the classroom, double up and get similar stuff for home. Having items at home will help your scholar complete tasks for extended learning.
  2. Parents of in-person learners contact the school and familiarize themselves with COVID rules and routines. Practice with your child at home in advance. This will make the transition from home to school slightly easier.
  3. Remote learner parents, make sure all devices have proper accessories necessary for online classes. Be sure to have all learning apps on each device. Begin learning about any new programs your scholar may use for this school year or become more familiar with the old ones.
  4. Create a school budget. Start placing funds in an envelope or create an account specifically for school needs. Lunch money, field trips, school fees, the need for more supplies, and unexpected growth spurts happen every school year. Placing monies aside in advance for these costs can make a difference in your overall budget.
  5. Review the school calendar before school starts. This can help you plan for future days that your student has off, early dismissals, or parent conferences.
  6. Begin establishing routines that work for your family. Think back on the past school years. Make a list of all the things that worked to create transitions from morning to bedtime. Once you have your list, start mapping out the steps with your family, begin implementation, and always leave room for adjustments.
  7. Prepare a workspace for your scholar. Make sure there’s ample lighting and a minimal amount of noise. Have a sturdy desk and plenty of work materials on hand for your student.
  8. Prepare your students to expect change. The school environment many children left has changed. Up close and personal interaction may be a thing of the past, and socializing with friends will look different. However, change is good, and it can work with everyone’s cooperation.

This past school year was challenging. The transition back into the classroom will be challenging. Things will be different. However, if parents, teachers, and students work together to prepare for a successful year before the year begins, everyone’s load will be more manageable. One key to success is preparation. Plan to have a successful school year with your scholar. If you haven’t already done so, start now, beat the rush, and enjoy a smooth transition into the 2021-2022 school year.

Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle. Love and Relationships writer. Follow her on social media @Liz_Lampkin.

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