Amanda Yvette on How Her Pink Moss is Making People Beautiful From the Inside Out

Birthed from a decades-long fascination and love for health and wellness, Amanda Yvette has found a way to turn that passion into a career through her newly launched line of sea moss gel that she calls Pink Moss.

chicago defender pink mossPink Moss’s journey began during COVID, as Amanda found herself researching the nutritional supplement’s health benefits and later trying it herself. After taking note of the reduction of inflammation in her body and the increase in energy, Amanda studied not only how to recreate the sea moss gel but also to give it a special touch to ensure that her line stood out from the rest. When asked what gives her sea moss its signature pink color, she said, “I wanted to find something to add to it that was organic and make it pink. And before I walked out the door, I saw a beet. I took it home, juiced it, and mixed it with the gel from my aloe plant to the sea moss. After seeing its beautiful color, on top of the fact that it has no taste or smell, and realizing that this concoction would give us our minerals as well as heal the gut, I knew that I needed to package and make this available to those who would benefit from it.”

Success from Amanda’s line of Pink Moss came early, as she found that she had a demand for the gel before officially launching. After casually mentioning to a group of women that she had been toying the idea of going forward with her plan, Amanda went to work, making her first batch of 20 jars and quickly sold out. Since then, Amanda says that she finds the process of creating her Pink Moss to be “therapeutic,” and that, “It’s great to see people, especially amid this pandemic, pick up their Pink Moss from my home, and go on to post and talk about it. What I thought I could never do, I did. What I thought was impossible happened, and all within 24-48 hours. That gave me the confidence to keep going. And I never stopped.”

After only being in business for a couple of months, Amanda has gone from selling her first batch of 20 jars to selling anywhere from 60 to 80 jars a week. Noting that the majority of her sales are through word of mouth. “I didn’t start adding anything to social media until a month ago. So I am completely blown away”, says Amanda. Adding, “I’m branding Pink Moss as a beauty product because it’s beautiful and makes you feel beautiful.”

As for her customers’ impact since trying and purchasing Pink Moss, Amanda says that they have all noted an increase in energy. She says, “As a Black woman, I share the same experiences of others when it comes to working hard. We are in one of the most stressful seasons of our time. People are experiencing death, depression, and anxiety at a high rate, and most aren’t able to work. So this product is providing energy for those to get up every day from the inside out. People are able to put their best energy into their crafts and talents. That’s my mission and my message. I want people to be good on the inside so that we are able to go out and change the world.”

Chicago defender pnk mossIn addition to her Pink Moss product, Amanda is an educator and draws inspiration from the generation under her. “They have big dreams and want to be and do their best, and they need help. Sometimes the help looks like a relative or mentor/mentee relationship. And then sometimes the help looks like good food. Healthy food. Organic supplements that help them feel their best,” she said.

Rather than stopping at the creation of Pink Moss, Amanda is currently completing her health and wellness certification. She would like to eventually develop a brand of health and wellness products aimed at providing all households with affordable supplementation because, as she says, “Health breeds happiness.” “I want people to feel good, beautiful, and happy because that’s what life is about,” she later added.

When asked what she wants people to know about her, Amanda said, “I love that in one product of my health wellness line, Pink Moss has all of these benefits that create a greater life and lifespan. There’s nothing like a product that makes you feel beautiful, all while beautifying your organs and tissues. Everybody is their own beautiful, their own healthy. When Pink Moss helps you, it’s helping YOU. Your DNA. The way you’re made. Your genetics. I get so many people telling me about their various results and want everyone to know that I love what I do. I love this product. And I love that it works.”

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Contributing Writer, Racquel Coral is a lifestyle writer based in Chicago. Find her on social media @withloveracquel.





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