One Pastor Answers Timeless Question: Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?


This week a popular cartoon, “Family Guy” killed off a beloved pet named Brian in a sobering moment on an otherwise over the top tv show.
One pastor has taken this moment to explain the death of a pet. Here is what he had to say:
I must admit I cannot recount the number of times when, as a pastor of more than two decades and as a public and media personality since, I have been approached by an adult or child — eyes filled with questions — who wanted to ask me very sincerely if I believed their pets would go to Heaven. I often noted the apprehension on their faces, as if they feared this man who typically speaks out on “more important issues” like social or world events would find their questions trivial, especially in light of increasing human challenges facing people around the world.
Of course, most of these dear people were unaware of how often this question has come up for me and other Bible expositors. In fact, it seems to be one of the biggest secrets in Christianity: that our Western mindset has made it difficult to discuss what people in other countries as well as theologians down through time believed to be an important and theological question.
Most are also usually unaware that the Bible itself has some important things to say about the issue, and that many celebrated theologians and philosophers — past and present — concluded a long time ago based on these Scriptures that our pets most likely will be in Heaven.

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