One ‘Hollywood Divas’ star quits suddenly

elise neal
“Hollywood Divas” has lost one of its most colorful, fiery and controversial stars when a piece of equipment reportedly fell and busted her head during shooting of a scene.

Elise Neal, according to TMZ, got ghost after a light fixture broke and knocked her in her head. The gossip site also said producers refused to foot the medical bills.
Neal said the scene was at a bowling alley when a light fixture broke and knocked her in the head.
The Memphis, Tenn. native says producers were heartless and told her she needed to finish shooting the scene. She claims production tried to cover up the accident and then just filmed like it never happened.
According to Neal, “Hollywood Divas” has refused to pay a cent of her sizable medical bills, which include the cost of x-rays and MRIs.
The shows producers have yet to respond to inquiries as of the writing of this report.

Photos: Elise Neal Instagram


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