On the Front Porch: Goodness and Mercy

Once upon a time, two twin angels were born into the heavenly sky.  Our Savior named them Goodness and Mercy.  Their kindness and virtue were instantly apparent; sandwiched between smiles so broad they covered the sky in glitter.  They were a beautiful pair: one was peanut butter, the other chocolate.

The angel sisters were extremely tall, too.  Their arms appeared to be longer than their torsos which made their bodies look like giant M&M candies whenever they sat side-by-side amidst the stars. The angels had lots of kinky hair which they wore in thick braids. Their plaits resembled springy coils of a wire Brillo pad.

For fun, Goodness and Mercy would take their long locks, toss them across the moon, and swing high into the sky, their angel wings parting the clouds into giant letter V’s.  As the twins grew, so did their conversations with His Majesty.  Goodness and Mercy left each encounter full of compassion and feelings of servitude.  One day,  after a particularly long session, The Almighty decided to share a message with them.

“My Goodness…” he began.  “Yes, Father?” the elder twin responded as she turned to look for her sister, who had darted off somewhere.

Father God saw that Mercy had run off, too.  He signaled for Goodness to find her sister.  A short time later, Goodness spotted Mercy.  She had stopped to mend another angel’s broken wing.   Goodness figured if she assisted Mercy, they could fix the problem twice as fast.  They did. The mended Angel flew around heaven, singing the praises of Goodness and Mercy for all to hear.   As Goodness turned back toward Our Father,  Mercy skirted off again, calling out to her sister, “I’m looking for another Angel who can use a little Mercy.” Goodness giggled at her sister’s referral to herself in the third person.

Just then, the angels’ brother, Love, showed up.  Brother Love was never far from Goodness and Mercy.  He immediately spotted Mercy, gently grabbed her by one of her wings and called out, “Lord, Have Mercy!”  “Lord, Have Mercy!” Brother Love wanted his Father to know he was steadfastly holding onto Mercy and would not let go.

The Lord Savior approached them, with Goodness tagging alongside him.  “Goodness and Mercy, I see much devastation occuring on Earth. The people appear forlorn—in desperate need of hope,” he declared. “ I am

sending the two of you down to Earth to share your heavenly gifts with the people.  You can do a great deal to resurrect goodwill.” Mercy couldn’t contain her excitement. “Mercy me! Mercy me!” she shouted while looking at her reflection in the sky. Goodness, the cooler-headed twin whispered to herself, “Goodness gracious.” Graciou’ was Goodness’ middle name, and for this moment, she borrowed her sister’s trait of referencing herself aloud.

At that same moment, Our Father looked at Brother Love, who stood protectively behind his sisters.  God breathed in Brother Love’s direction and continued, “You will go as well and keep the girls protected.” At that moment, the Lord opened the heavenly gates and extended a gold-lined carpet down from the skies onto the plains below.  The Messiah then turned to give Goodness and Mercy final directions.

Then the unexpected happened. Brother Love leaped out of the pearly gates, tummy first and attempted to belly flop onto the golden carpet.  However, he missed his target. To make matters worse, Brother Love was no angel, only Goodness and Mercy held that distinction.    He was now a broken brother, with no winged limbs to assist his rapid descent.   Things didn’t look positive.  Goodness and Mercy began to sob uncontrollably.  They couldn’t imagine doing anything without Brother Love beside them.  The Angels shut down in sadness.

Father God saw the despair that gripped the twins’ bodies.  How could the Holy One send Goodness and Mercy to help others if they were in despair themselves?   The Messiah knew precisely what to do.  He gently lifted the sobbing sisters onto the gilded carpet and pushed them out of heaven’s door.  The twin angels looked around, perplexed.  The Holy Master averted his  angels’ tear-stained faces, their red eyes resembling cherries inside of a cup of milk.  Instead, Jehovah looked downward and shouted to Brother Love, “ Repeat after me:  Surely, Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life as I dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

The original plan had been slightly modified. Goodness and Mercy would also assist Brother Love until the sacred trio were no longer needed on  Earth.  At that time, the blessed bunch would be free to reclimb the stairway to heaven.   I promise to let you know, Dear Readers,  if I catch a glimpse of them doing so.  I have a great view right here, On the Front Porch.


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