Oh No, Not Again

New Threat To Betty A. Sizemore Academy
sizemore The Chicago Defender first reported on Betty A Sizemore Academy’s (BASA) fight with Chicago Public School (CPS), and its Office of Innovation and Incubation in December of last year. The controversial agency threatened to close the school and put it on an academic warning list to be closed in 2016.
However, with lots of public pressure, parental and community support; on March 1st, 2016, it was decided by the Illinois State Charter School Commission that Barbara A. Sizemore Campus was to remain open. In a unanimous vote, according to a press release by Sizemore, the state commission brought the matter to its logical conclusion.
In a press release yesterday, BASA shared with the Chicago Defender that Chicago Public School is at it again. Stating that “They (CPS) did not like that the Illinois State Charter Commission ruled in our favor.” So the powers that be are trying to undermine the Commission’s decision to keep Barbara A. Sizemore Academy in operation. We NEED your voices to stand in solidarity with us against this very strategic attack on our youth.

The Bill in part aims to eliminate the Illinois State Charter Commission. In addition, an equally nefarious amendment is being considered that would retroactively reverse decisions made by the State Charter Commission, effectively returning schools now authorized by the state back to the local school district.

BASA asks that if you believe in an African-centered education that helps lift Black boys and girls out of poverty, that you contact your Illinois State Representative and voice your concerns. Please vote NO on House Bill 397.

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