WHAT’S HAPPENING MYRON?: Chad Johnson, the guy formerly known as Chad Ochocinco has managed to find himself back in the news lately. Unfortunately for him it’s not all good news.

According to TMZ, the guy has been on a quest to get his child support payments lowered as he claims to make only $3,000 per month, but still has to unload about $16,525 a month in child support. He also claims he has to pay about $9,063.24 in mortgage payments, $2,500 for food, $2,650 for car expenses, $3,500 for clothes, $250 for grooming, $5,000 for entertainment and another $1,000 for something. Between all that, some other various expenses, and the child support Johnson claims he is spending $45,982.76…per month that is.

Also, he was back in court last week because he failed to meet with his probation officer for three straight months. This was not a good move considering the judge was actually close to sealing a deal that would have kept him out of jail. Come on Chad…really?

He then was given 30 days in jail when he disrespected the judge by slapping his attorney, a guy, on the butt in court. He was released after only serving a week of his sentence. The judge felt that he “failed to appreciate the gift of probation” after pleading no contest to battery in the altercation last August with then wife Evelyn Lozada, which resulted in her receiving injuries that required serious medical attention. She promptly filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, pictures of Lozada’s lacerated forehead have surfaced. This adds a little more depth to the story because the majority of us didn’t realize to what extent her injuries actually were. Now, the public is discovering the swollen bloody, gash she suffered during the incident.

A day after his release from custody, he took to ABC’s “Good Morning America” to apologize again for his actions. He mentioned that was hoping he would get another chance to make an NFL team “so the abuse of his ex-wife and subsequent jail time aren’t the last things fans remember about the wide receiver’s career.”

You’d think with all of the troubles this guy has been going through, he wouldn’t do anything else to purposely add to it. I mean, it’s hard to get into the NFL just based off of your talents alone. But when you’re kicked out of the NFL for your actions, it’s even harder to get back in. Just ask your friend Terrell Owens, I’m sure he’ll tell you. I’m sure he probably has. What I’m not sure of is if he will ever bounce back from this, but these pictures are certainly not gonna help his cause, neither are his recent actions.

Here’s What’s Happening

Mark your calendars and get ready. This weekend is gonna be monumental. Why so you might ask? Because its Ultimate Family Reunion weekend. Not my own, but that of the radio station which I just so happen to be employed by. It’s the 103.5 WRBO Ultimate Family Reunion at Mud Island Park. It happens on Saturday June 22nd starting at 3:00pm. These events are always fun, there’s non-stop entertainment from beginning to end. This year, Michell’e will be the headlining performer. Also, you can catch such local performers as Karen Brown, Devin Crutcher and more. Most of all, the event is absolutely FREE. So load up the family and come on down and have a great time. Then take the kids back home and join us for the official after party later that night at the Hard Rock Café on Beale Street. Admission for this event is only $10 and Michell’e will be hanging out with us as well.

Next week, it’s South Main Trolley Night. I’ll have details on that and more, so stay tuned. Until then, that’s what’s happening!

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