No Charges for Officers Involved in the Shooting of Jacob Blake

Rusten Sheskey, the officer who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back will not be charged. The Kenosha District Attorney, Michael Graveley said during a news conference that the officer could argue self-defense before a jury.  Blake was shot seven times in the back in front of his children on August 23, 2020 by officer Sheskey.   The officer was responding to a domestic incident.  Hospitalized for months and even handcuffed while in his hospital bed, Jacob Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. Video of the shooting sparked protests and riots in Kenosha and around the country.

In a statement, family attorney Ben Crump said, “Officer Sheskey’s actions sparked outrage and advocacy throughout the country, but the District Attorney’s decision not to charge the officer who shot Jacob in the back multiple times, leaving him paralyzed, further destroys trust in our justice system, This sends the wrong message to police officers throughout the country. It says it is OK for police to abuse their power and recklessly shoot their weapon, destroying the life of someone who was trying to protect his children.”

In anticipation of the announcement, Kenosha authorities called out the National Guard as business owners boarded up windows.  The city is also under a curfew.   The Chicago Defender spoke with Jacob Blake father in October about his son.  He spoke about why he continues to fight not only for his son but also for justice.

“We didn’t choose this situation, this situation chose us. We need to bridge the gap between the two judicial systems. There is a justice system for them and then it’s “Just-Us”.  There is no humanity in that. Until you see me as a human being and we are equal, we won’t stop.”

For more on our conversation with Jacob Blake, Sr, click here.

Interim Managing Editor, Danielle Sanders is a writer and journalist living in Chicago. Find her on social media @DanieSandersOfficial.

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