Millennial Minds with Jenny LeFlore

…because Black millennial women who balance the personal and professional need the spotlight, too.

In life, our main assignment should be to use our influence to impact. Today’s millennial woman is multidimensional and chooses to define herself by her acts of service in the community, by whom she raises in addition to the lives that are impacted by her influence. She is a woman, she is Jenny LeFlore. Simply put, Jenny is a visionary. She identified a gap and filled it, creating Mama Fresh. Her innovation and creativity have allowed her the opportunity of connection by providing access to mamas everywhere.

Jenny LeFlore Chicago Defender
Photo Credit: Nicolette Nunez

Jenny, how does your influence impact the world?

My influence is extremely focused. I have really connected with individuals. Empowering Mothers is what I do. Through social media, I have been able to provide resources to families across the country. Last year I worked with Nike on a campaign on Black Motherhood. That partnership reached thousands of women and that was amazing. Women felt seen, they felt heard. Even though that campaign reached tons of people it is my connections with Mamas in my community that impact me the most.

You are a leading voice in millennial motherhood. Why was it important for you to create a platform that connects mothers to opportunities, events, and community?

Motherhood is a transformative time in a woman’s life. No woman should have to go through that alone. When Mamas feel alone and isolated, that makes room for concerns like postpartum depression and anxiety. I am here to step in that gap. I am your Mama friend, your hook up, the plug. I want Mamas to know they are not alone.

In your work, (specifically your blog) you reference intentionality and perspective. How do these ideas aid in your purpose-filled life?

Intention is a word that means so much to me. That is because it is personal. You can set an intention that is perfectly tailored to your life. Once I realized this it was so empowering. I use intention as a form of self-care.

We know that success is not linear. However, those just introduced to your mission they may consider you an overnight success. Can you break down how your authenticity and strategies led you to the 13.5K followers you have today?

My focus has always remained laser-focused on building community. I speak to Mamas, that is my audience. I want to be an asset to their life and a bright spot on social media. The authenticity of my message has resonated with families all over the country. Twelve percent of my followers are men, I have a substantial group of my followers who are not Mothers. The reason people outside of my “Target Market” connect is because of my transparency and authenticity. With that being said, when I am presented with business and media opportunities, I work really hard. I do research, I show up prepared, I am a pleasure to work with. That goes a long way.

Jenny LeFlore Chicago Defender
Photo Credit: Suzy Brown

Shifting gears, you are a mom to the cutest little boys. What does balance look like as a mother?

Balance does not exist for me. Once I let that go it was so freeing. I aspire to align. I remain flexible. There are times when my boys need me more than my business. Other times I need to give attention and energy into my marriage. No season is the same as the last. I focus on what needs me most at that time.

As a mom, what do you feel is the hardest part about millennial parenting?

Chile! Raising emotionally intelligent children that feel heard and seen. I am 41, I grew up during a time when children were seen but not heard. I want my boys to feel valued and know that as parents we are here to hear what they have to say. And boyyyyy do they have a lot to say.

Describe a proud mommy moment when you felt like you mastered the “mommy thing”?

Master is a STRONG word but there have been times when I give my husband a high five like “We are doing a great job!” One situation was with my oldest son ObieQ, he is 5yo. On his PreK playground, there was a kid that was picking on him. The next day when I drove him to school, I told him not to play with that kid. That he was mean to him so that is not his friend. His response to me was “Mama, if he tries to play with me today, I will let him. He gets another chance to be my friend. Everyone deserves another chance.”  I was blown away. His compassion is inspiring to me. I am glad my husband and I have a home where this type of love can flourish

Lastly, finish this sentence. As a millennial mind, it is important for readers to know…

We are a bridge generation. We have roots in traditional thoughts, but we are self-defining our journey and opening the door for future generations like Z and Alpha to storm in. I love it here.

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