Meet The Ladies of Throttle Legendz: Chicago’s All-Female Motorcycle Club

The Ladies of Throttle Legendz Motorcycle Club in Chicago is an all-female motorcycle club (Photo Credit: Teisha “Isis” Carter).

Women have a long and rich history in motorcycle clubs and have been riding bikes since the early days.

Women have played various roles in motorcycle clubs as riders, passengers and supporters. Over time, many have formed motorcycle clubs independently or as chapters of larger organizations. These clubs provide a sense of community, camaraderie and empowerment for female riders in what has historically been a male-dominated subculture.

The Ladies of Throttle Legendz Motorcycle Club in Chicago is an all-female motorcycle club fueled by a passion for riding bikes and forming a dynamic sisterhood. Their sixth anniversary was on March 5, as they continue celebrating their love for riding and solidarity, forming a close-knit community of women who share the thrill of the open road.

“Our name is Ladies of Throttle Legendz Motorcycle Club. We are the Chicago chapter. We have a brother club, so to keep our connection with our brothers, we named ourselves the Ladies of Throttle Legendz,” said Vice President Cheryl “Good N Plenty” Upshaw.

Female Empowerment Through Motorcycle Riding

Ladies of Throttle Legendz

Ladies of Throttle Legendz Founder and President of the Chicago Chapter Teisha ‘Isis’ Carter; Secretary Panya ‘Mz. Gee’ Gee; Vice President Cheryl ‘Good N Plenty’ Upshaw; Business Manager Reesee ‘Mz. Reesee’ Hoffman (Photo Credit: Marshelle Sanders)

The empowerment of a woman riding a motorcycle encapsulates liberation and freedom. It symbolizes breaking societal norms, embracing independence and challenging gender stereotypes.

LOTL Business Manager Reesee “Mz. Reesee” Hoffman said, “What’s empowering is to see women being able to break those generational gender roles from solely cleaning up, cooking and watching kids all day, every day. This is liberating for us. It is a source of freedom. It makes us feel powerful. It just gives me this boost of adrenaline that I never felt before I started riding.”

Riding a motorcycle gives women a sense of control, adventure and self-expression, empowering them to navigate their paths and defy traditional expectations. 

Upshaw added, “When I started riding, I told myself I would do it. I made a promise to myself and bought a bike. I didn’t know how to ride a bike yet, so the challenge came to me: to do something outside the box, not traditional. When I did it, the passion came from that feeling.”

“It’s the feeling when you’re riding down the highway, and you may see kids on a school bus looking out the back of the window waving, which amazes us. Women are out here, riding motorcycles, driving the big trucks on the road and much more. It is a movement. It is a vibe. It is something to feel good to be a part of,” said Upshaw.

The Dynamics of Family Life for Female Motorcycle Riders

These motorcycle ladies have their own families, but this club and its members are their extended family. Before officially forming LOTL, they would spend their weekdays at home and prepare for the weekend rides. They would text each other to gather at a meetup spot early Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

President Teisha “Isis” Carter said, “We would end up in a nice scenic area where it probably took about an hour and a half to get there. We would chill, have lunch and get to know new people, and this was a thing that happened regularly in the summer.” 

“Now that we have a club, we have formed a monthly calendar or schedule that the board members organize. We still consider what we’re doing with our family life,” she said. 

This lifestyle explores how female motorcycle riders manage the thrill of riding with their responsibilities of family life. They deal with things such as time management, safety concerns and the importance of communication with loved ones. The lifestyle also highlights how motorcycle riding can enhance family dynamics by fostering a sense of independence and confidence in the rider. 

“We also support each other with different accomplishments. When our sister “Isis” has a fashion show or something going on, we always celebrate together, whether it’s a birthday party or an anniversary. We do want to support each other’s families outside our biker life as well,” said Secretary Panya “Mz. Gee” Gee.

Giving Back to Their Community

Many women’s motorcycle clubs actively participate in charity events, group rides and community outreach programs, showcasing their passion for riding and giving back to their communities.

Upshaw said, “We have participated in the community with local parades. We’ve done a Feed the Homeless event and partnered with other churches. We participated in Toys for Tots, Toys in the Hood and produced personal hygiene bags for women. We’ve done the bag lunch and love note event, where we packed bags with sandwiches and wrote love notes in cursive to kids returning to school. There is a process formulation, and then we support it wherever appropriate.”

“One of the things we used to do was set up on a neighborhood corner on the West Side of Chicago with the music. We’d have snowballs and nachos, things like that. It was for the bikers and the community. We wanted to create positivity so that the neighbors could come outside and just enjoy each other. It was enjoyable, always on a positive note,” said Upshaw.

Despite their successes, LOTL has encountered a minor setback when surrounding businesses contested their efforts. Nevertheless, despite facing adversity, they managed to derive a positive outcome from the situation.

“We encountered an issue with some business owners who felt intimidated by our large and welcoming crowd. We continued for about six or seven years until the size of our gatherings became a concern, leading us to relocate,” said Carter.

“However, our neighbors advocated for our return, which significantly impacted the community. Even those who weren’t motorcyclists will remember us for that. In recognition of our community outreach efforts, we were nominated for an award at a biker ceremony and received a beautiful plaque from a group of ladies from another state.”

Gee also expressed how U.S. Rep. Danny Davis stands out as one of their most ardent advocates, urging us to engage in positive community endeavors. Securing support from fellow community members and Congressman Davis is one of their most significant accomplishments as a female motorcycle club.

Revving Up the Style, LOTL Fashion Trends

Members of The Ladies of Throttle Legendz

Photo Credit: Teisha “Isis” Carter

Many people view female motorcycle fashion as masculine. But these ladies bring a unique and unified fashion sense, blending functionality with personal expression.

Carter said, “I’m not really into flashy accessories, but I appreciate a stylish pair of sunglasses. They add a touch of sophistication to my overall look, which sometimes tends to lean towards the more masculine side. However, I find it all quite enjoyable. The best part is the transformation when I reveal my face after removing my helmet. Seeing how some men do a triple take is amusing, only to realize that this is just me.”

Their look touches upon the evolution of motorcycle gear for women, the influence of mainstream fashion trends and the empowerment in embracing one’s style on the road. Additionally, it explores how female riders challenge stereotypes and redefine traditional notions of femininity through their fashion choices.

“We do not wear high heels. We wear boots while riding. Depending on the occasion, our attire varies. For instance, during our annual event, we all wear black uniforms. We enhance our look with additional items like bandanas, gloves and T-shirts, adding a touch of bling to them,” said Hoffman.

“We aim to stand out wherever we go and elevate our appearance with all available means. Everyone appreciates flattering jeans that accentuate our figures. Thus, we strive to dress appropriately,” she said. 

“As times change, safety becomes paramount, so we now wear helmets and carry extra essentials. This ensures that when we remove our helmets and scarves, we can style our hair accordingly. We aim to look and feel the part wherever we are.”

“Don’t forget your lipstick” – Reesee “Mz. Reesee” Hoffman

Why Women Are Joining Motorcycle Clubs

The Ladies of Throttle Legendz Motorcycle Club in Chicago is an all-female motorcycle club

Photo Credit: Teisha “Isis” Carter

Women are increasingly joining motorcycle clubs for various reasons. They could be reflecting socially evolving attitudes or exploring a fresh start in a new activity with their bikes. Some are drawn to the sense of sisterhood within these clubs, which provide a supportive environment for riders of all genders.

“Ladies want to learn how to ride because being a female biker has this typecast of being cool and sexy at the same time, and you do feel sexy while riding because people will be looking at you and making you feel like a celebrity,” said Hoffman.

“I think women want to feel that beauty and socialize. You meet so many wonderful people. The network is amazing. I’ve met many women in business — judges, doctors and lawyers who ride motorcycles,” said Hoffman.

Upshaw embraces the motto “Build, and it shall come, “emphasizing our role in fostering community through consistency.”

As more people witness women riding, the demand for inclusivity in the motorcycle world grows. 

Motorcycle manufacturers acknowledge this trend by ramping up advertising efforts and showcasing women as active riders, not mere bike adornments. 

“Each of us has encountered situations, like stopping at a gas station where someone expresses a desire to ride. In such moments, we serve as motivators, encouraging them with phrases like ‘Come on, girl, it’s never too late.’ We aim to inspire and empower women to give motorcycling a try.”

Additionally, the growing visibility of female riders in media and pop culture has inspired more women to pursue motorcycling as a hobby or lifestyle. Overall, the rising presence of women in motorcycle clubs reflects a broader cultural shift towards inclusivity and gender equality within traditionally male-dominated spaces. 

Carter said, “As women, we encounter various challenges such as depression, anxiety or the everyday stresses that can drain us. Riding a bike serves as a powerful stress reliever amid these ordeals. When a woman shares her struggles, it’s an opportunity for us to suggest alternative outlets for enjoyment. Encouraging women to explore riding is something I advocate for; it’s a chance for them to discover if it resonates with them.”


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