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Connie Simms-Kincaid of  5 Loaves Eatery, located in Chicago’s South Side Chatham Neighborhood at 405 East 75th Street, told us, “5 Loaves doesn’t necessarily sell soul food, but food for the soul… and you’re going to know someone cared about you that day to make such great tasting food.”  While 5 Loaves Eatery may be small in structure, it offers big and bold flavors, displays great charm and is a well-established fixture in the Chatham Community.  Upon our arrival, 5 Loaves was very busy; yet, when a table opened up, it was promptly cleared, and we were graciously seated by our friendly server.  Ms. Kincaid had quite the spread prepared for Miss Coretta and I, and it is our pleasure to share our delightful dining experience at 5 Loaves.

Connie Sims-Kincaid

Let us begin with 5 Loaves Turkey Cristo which, essentially, is a Monte Cristo sandwich.  But, instead of ham and cheese, it is made with turkey and cheese.  Whole grain wheat bread is soaked in an egg and milk mixture, this creamy brew loaded with tender and smoky slices of turkey, a blend of cheddar and Swiss cheese and is fried till golden brown. Powdered sugar is lightly dusted on top, adding a sweet component to this savory sandwich. It is complemented with a side of thick raspberry dipping sauce.  The combination of these flavor profiles delivered a ‘delish-of-a-dish’ that walloped our taste buds.  The gooey cheese holds the turkey in place, while the bread is like an un-spiced French toast. The powdered sugar and raspberry dipping sauce adds sweetness that really rounds out this sandwich. The end result is nothing short of spectacular.  Once you try this masterfully prepared sandwich, you’ll find yourself craving it, inspiring a return to 5 Loaves for your Turkey Cristo fix!


Next up was the Catfish Po’ Boy which came with a house-made honey mustard dipping sauce. This mammoth New Orleans classic was very impressive, indeed. This 5 Loaves po’ boy was served on a hoagie roll with garden-fresh onions and tomatoes.  But, make no mistake about it, the sweet, succulent catfish was definitely star of the show.  We were amazed at how much fried catfish comes with their po’ boy. The catfish was executed flawlessly, with just the right amount of seasoning and a light dredging of corn meal, and the house-made honey mustard sauce was delightful. This po’ boy can easily feed two.


Now on to some breakfast items, starting with 5 Loaves Lemon Zest Pancakes and Homemade Buttermilk Syrup. The lemon zest was not overpowering but added a citrus backdrop to a fluffy and light pancake. The buttermilk syrup had plenty of flavor and wasn’t too sweet which bode well due to the fact that the pancakes came with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar.  When poured over the pancakes, the buttermilk syrup soaked right through, creating moistness similar to that of a tres leches cake. We thoroughly enjoyed the pairing of the buttermilk syrup and lemon zest pancakes, so when you go to 5 Loaves, make sure to get a stack.


Not everyone knows how to prepare a proper Salmon Croquette.  Such is not to be said of 5 Loaves – they do an admirable job. They offer two options, grilled or fried, and you can have them mild or spicy. The salmon-to-binder ratio was on-point, allowing the salmon to shine through. The croquettes were seasoned well, noting that our personal preference is croquettes prepared with diced green pepper and onions.  The spicy option has a nice ‘kick’ but nothing that any heat connoisseur can’t handle.  Overall, these salmon croquettes are certainly worth ordering.


We also suggest trying 5 Loaves Fried Chicken Wings with their house-made ranch dressing (yum), Smothered Potatoes (yummy), French Toast (yumlicious), and make sure to wash it all down with their Tiger Woods Sweet Tea. We can honestly say we have never been disappointed with anything we have ever ordered at 5 Loaves – always comfort food at its finest.  This South Side hidden gem is family run and has perfected the art of treating their diners well.  If you are ever in the area, stop in for a meal that will have you telling others about your new go-to spot for great food.


We rank restaurants based on number of kisses (one thru five).  One…two…three…four, with five being the best.  5 Loaves Eatery receives 5 kisses.  Check out the video of our review https://youtu.be/03qEKXr6qy8

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