Lackluster Writing Aside, “Without Remorse” Entertains.

"Without Remorse" Michael B Jordan Chicago Defender

In “Without Remorse,” Michael B. Jordan plays John Clark, a Navy Seal, on a mission to avenge his pregnant wife’s murder. He finds himself caught in a more extensive international conspiracy. Based on the book by Tom Clancy tells the origin story of the popular hero, John Clark. He is a highly skilled and trained Navy Seal dedicated to serving his country until he realizes his government has used him as a pawn in a bigger chess game. Russian soldiers murder John Clark’s pregnant wife in retaliation for his role in a previous operation. When the United States decides to ignore the murder as a matter of “National Security,” John Clark goes rogue to track down his wife’s killers. Clark joins forces with fellow Navy Seal Lt. Commander Greer (Jodie Turner-Smith) and CIA agent Ritter (Jamie Bell) to expose a plot that may engulf the United States into a war with Russia.  Clark is on a mission to expose the conspiracy and his wife’s killers.

Michael B. Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society were drawn to the character of Jack Ryan and were thrilled to discover “Without Remorse” was available for adaptation from Paramount Pictures.  “When I saw John Clark’s origin story was included, I decided I wanted to develop it and build out that world said Michael B. Jordan.   He was introduced to Tom Clancy’s character through the “Rainbow Six” video games. He says, “I grew up playing those games, they are set in the world of John Clark and you control his elite team through different missions. I thought they were super dope”!

"Without Remorse" Michael B. Jordan Chicago Defender

Michael B. Jordan is ideally suited for the action hero role in “Without Remorse” as he does most of the stunts in the film. John Clark wrestles with his grief, the betrayal he feels by the country he served and sacrificed for and the anger and rage that consumes him as he plots his revenge towards his wife’s murderers. Joining John Clark on his mission is Navy Seal Lt. Commander, Karen Greer, played by Jodie Turner-Smith. Executive producer Alana Mayo says the team was excited to have someone embody the skill and intellect of a Seal Commander and who was willing to take on the physical demands of the role. “Luckily, we found Jodie Turner-Smith, who is quite simply spectacular,” said Mayo. The decision to make this character female was part of the modernization of the Tom Clancy novel. Turner-Smith filmed the role and stunts, all while pregnant. She powerfully captured the discipline, determination, and strength of a Navy Seal while befriending John Clark.

With the high-energy action sequences, fight scenes, and stunts, “Without Remorse” entertains. In a movie season filled with many ‘true to life” films and historical dramas, “Without Remorse” is an action-packed film that allows audiences to escape reality and join a fictional world of espionage.

Recommended 3 Stars


Danielle Sanders is a journalist and writer living in Chicago. Find her on social media at DanieSandersOfficial.

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