Know Your Judges! Be Informed as You Head to The Polls.

You have heard it repeated for months now. “This is the most important election of our lifetime”.   The 2020 election is an important one but electing and retaining judges will be of equal importance as you head to the polls.  The judges’ people vote for tomorrow could profoundly impact cases important to you in the future.

There are several resources available to help voters educate themselves on the judges on this year’s ballot. Chicago Bar Association, Chicago Council of Lawyers, and, are great websites to look to when researching your local judges.

One of the most comprehensive sites to research judges up for election and retention is Injustice Watch.  Injustice Watch offers information on each judge along with a record of their rulings, noteworthy cases, and how each judge tends to lean when it comes to sentencing.   Voters can also create their own voters’ guide to print and bring with you to the polls.

Voting for qualified judges that are unbiased and impartial is crucial.  Their rulings could affect you, your family, and your community for years to come.  Be informed as you head to the polls.

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