Kimberly Foxx Announces Dismissal of Murder Cases Tied to Former CPD Reynaldo Guevara

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx announced today that her office will not oppose post-conviction petitions for 8 individuals, clearing the way for their murder convictions to be vacated and the criminal cases to be dismissed as part of the office’s ongoing review of misconduct allegations involving former Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara.

“Today the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office acted on our obligation as seekers of justice and took measured and necessary steps to right the wrongs of the past,” said Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. “A comprehensive case-by-case review of these cases revealed police misconduct by Guevara that called the validity of these convictions into question, and we concluded that the totality of the evidence currently available is insufficient to support a retrial of these cases.  As we work to rebuild trust in our justice system, I’m grateful for the attorneys in this office who continue to seek justice, restore trust, and address the historic inequities of Cook County’s criminal justice system.”

During multiple court hearings today, prosecutors declined to oppose specific post-conviction relief petitions presented to Cook County Circuit Court Judges at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building in Chicago.  After reviewing the individual petitions, the court granted relief for 7 cases, and prosecutors moved to vacate the convictions and dismiss the cases in the interest of justice, which was allowed by the court. One additional case was continued by the court for further proceedings.

The seven cases dismissed involve murder convictions for cases that occurred between 1989 and 1994, where the individuals allege in court petitions that misconduct by Guevara led to their arrest and subsequent convictions.  Due to today’s court action, two individuals who remained in custody are expected to be released; five individuals completed their prison sentences and are no longer in custody; and one individual remains in custody pending further court proceedings.

“When it became clear that the allegations of misconduct against Guevara had significant merit, we could no longer stand behind these convictions where individuals spent decades incarcerated, devastating families and communities in Chicago,” said Foxx. “The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is committed to fairness and equity and will continue to address and investigate claims of wrongful convictions based on the evidence and the law as we remain committed to the work of justice.”

The office’s long-term investigation was initiated in 2019 and several additional cases involving Guevara’s alleged police misconduct are expected to be resolved with similar court action in the upcoming weeks.


Case Number Case Name Charges Judge IDOC/CCDOC Custody
94CR2146201 Carlos Andino Murder Walsh Yes
91CR2375001 David Colon Murder Atcherson No
90CR1000701 Johnny Flores Murder Hooks No
90CR2178702 Alfredo Gonzalez Murder x 2 Atcherson Yes
93CR1824701 Nelson Gonzalez Murder Kenworthy No
92CR1308802 Marilyn Mulero Murder Maldonado No
89CR1652501 Jaime Rios Murder Atcherson No


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