Kevin Suggs Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Tinley Park.

Kevin Suggs, a highly accomplished sales professional and University of Notre Dame graduate, announced his candidacy for mayor of the Village of Tinley Park on January 11, 2021. Suggs, a 23-year resident of the village, says one of his main focuses as mayor would be to create an inclusive environment that benefits all residents and businesses of Tinley Park. “I’m running to bring back stability, civility and unity to our community and government,” Suggs says. “Tinley Park is at a critical crossroad. It’s time for fresh ideas, new leadership and energy. I firmly believe I’m the candidate who can best deliver on those priorities.”

Suggs also plans to focus on reinforcing public safety, enhancing economic development, proper budget management, and ending the ‘pay to play’ politics that has ill served the citizens and businesses of the community.”  Kevin Suggs was the first black resident to serve on the Tinley Park Board of Trustees when he was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2016. “That opportunity solidified my love for this community,” Suggs says. “My appointment had far less to do with race and far more to do with the recognition of talent and the inclusive environment that has been created in this community and in our local government. I was honored to serve.”

Prior to that, Kevin served on the Tinley Park Economic and Commercial Commission, which advises officials on economic development, business retention and marketing. “It is possible to have economic growth without development,” Suggs says. “The economic growth may only benefit a small percentage of the community and not actually provide any improvements in living standards.” Kevin Suggs graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Medicine. In 2009 he earned a bachelor’s in music and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theology at the Dan El Institute of Higher Learnings in Tinley Park.

Suggs has devoted his career to sales. Kevin has worked in the Industrial Sales market for 28 years. He is currently an Inside Sales Manager at a global distributor of specialty chemicals. Individuals wishing to support Kevin’s mayoral candidacy are asked to visit:



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