Kanye West blasts Jay Z: ‘Our kids never even played together’

jay-and-kanyeKanye West is feeling some kinda way about Jay Z these days for a multitude of so-called affronts.
Yeezy is all into his feelings about a song that Drake released on the album Pop Style, “The Throne” with Jay Z and Kanye. However, upon the album’s release, neither were on it and the song itself had been altered.
Kanye is beefing that is all has to do with the Apple-Tidal war. During his St. Pablo Tour, he shared with the throngs that he is also enraged that Jay Z called him instead of visiting him after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed in Paris, in order to make sure that the family was okay after the frightening ordeal.

Kanye is also upset Jay Z’s child and Kanye’s children have yet to play with each other, which is probably a surprise to most of their fans, and is part of a three-minute rant onstage during his concert. Check it out:
Warning: strong language

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