It's Spike Rebel's World. . .

. . . And We’re All His Students

Spike Rebel on the bass violin

The multi-talented singer/musician/composer/ says his life was forever changed at 7-years-old when his father took him to see renown jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell, says Spike Rebel. “I remember being captivated by the vibrations and sounds of the guitar strings. It stirred up something inside me and I knew from that point on, this is what I wanted to follow,” he says.
This set Spike Rebel, whose earth name is Carnell Newbill, on a course with destiny that would change not only his life but the lives of all those he comes into contact with. Says Scotty “Bigg Scott” Clayburn “It’s Spike’s world when it comes to music and composing and we’re all his students.” Despite his torrid love affair with all things music, especially instruments, instruments and more instruments – this world music man never loses sight of what matters the most – “the people,” he insists.
Recognizing that without the ability to connect to people, creating beautiful music or art would be equivalent to George Berkeley’s famous question: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” he asks. For as much as he loves singing, producing and making music, he loves talking and listening to other people, especially artists, just as much.
“It’s rare,” says Bigg Scott – 7XL Productions music producer, who remixed a version of J Hud’s and R. Kelley’s “It’s Your World” – to work with someone of exceptional talent like Spike and see the genuine compassion in his heart for others around him.” Never one to pass up an opportunity to inspire others to reach their dreams or to share his expertise, Spike Rebel has worked with Common, shot a 13-episode live show that combined food, music, and art and is currently performing with Amaryllis Santiago, aka the Latin Phoenix, and her world music band in Chicago.
Spike who describes the sound as R&B Soul fused with a Latin vibe says “the notes might linger for a moment or two, but when it’s done right, it stays in your heart forever.” Given the right opportunity, Spike believes the world is waiting for some “stay in your heart music.”  The time has come he insists.

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