Election 2020: The IL Senate Race: Where the Candidates Stand on issues with Black Illinois Residents?

The IL Senate Race is an important one in this election. You may have heard that “This is the most important election in history”! While this may be true for various reasons, the local races in Illinois look to have a significant impact on its residents, especially Black Illinois residents.

Illinoisans face many issues. When it comes to Black Illinoisans, many residents expressed concerns about employment, housing, health care, and social justice, the pandemic, and how Covid-19 is affecting and killing Blacks at a disproportionate rate. Residents want to know where the candidates stand on these issues.

Who is running in the IL US Senate race and where do they stand on the issues? Democrat and Incumbent, Dick Durbin, Independent, Dr. Willie Wilson, Republican, Mark Curran Jr., Green Party candidate, David Black, and Libertarian Party candidate, Danny Malouf are the candidates for US Senate in this year’s election. Today we examine where candidates for the IL US Senate race stand on the issues.

IL Senate Race Election Chicago DefenderIndependent Candidate and founder of the Wille Wilson Party, Dr. Willie Wilson is a hard-working, highly successful international businessman, philanthropist, and self-made man. Dr. Wilson has spent over 40 years helping the poor and disenfranchised. He wants the federal government to fund more job training programs and invest in business development in the most impoverished communities. Dr. Wille Wilson believes that attaining equity for all communities in tax spending is a budget-neutral action that can provide development equally for all residents.

Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, the Incumbent Democrat, Dick Durbin also serves as the Democratic Whip, the second-highest-ranking position among the Senate Democrats. Durbin states that providing affordable, quality health care and lowering prescription drugs’ cost is one of the top issues facing Illinoisans. But what about the issues that concern many Blacks in Illinois? Durbin called on President Trump and Attorney General William Barr to implement the recommendations of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Durbin granted the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division to boldly investigate police departments accused of a pattern or practice of misconduct. Durbin also challenged Congress to hold hearings on systemic racism and police misconduct.

Republican candidate and former Lake County Sherriff, Mark Curran Jr. is an attorney running in this year’s election for US Senate. Mark Curran Jr. feels that to restore integrity to the office, one must be a U.S. Senator for all of Illinois, not just Chicago. When it comes to issues Black Illinois residents are the most concerned about, he feels that racism outside of law enforcement or discrimination relates to inadequate funding of schools and housing in minority communities. Curran feels that the key to holding police officers accountable lies within an independent Internal Affairs Division that has no ties to police. Mark Curran also stands firm on protesting.  When protesting extends beyond civil and becomes criminal and violent, he feels that those who commit such acts should be held accountable. Mark Curran also feels that law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges are not racist and says that they are enforcing the laws and not writing them.

Libertarian candidate, Danny Malouf considers himself a political outsider. Danny Malouf believes that nearly all the problems we face today result from big government and that the two-party system has failed the American people. When it comes to issues that concern Black Illinois residents, Malouf says that real criminal justice reform starts with shrinking the federal government. Most Libertarians would prefer privatizing, not defunding, the police because it should lead to a more voluntary, cost-effective, and accountable solution.

Green Party candidate and Pro Bono authorized Retired Attorney, David F. Black considers himself a progressive alternative to Senator Durbin. David Black is currently on the front lines supporting “Black Lives Matter,” as a participant and legal observer. He arranges bail for those arrested as well as provides pro bono work in sealing and expunging criminal records for individuals wanting to rebuild their lives. David Black beliefs include paying college tuition and providing healthcare for all as part of a “Green New Deal.”

For issues that Black Illinois residents are concerned about, the IL Senate race in this year’s election may well be the most important in History. Will the Incumbent and Democrat Dick Durbin, Independent, Dr. Willie Wilson, Republican Mark Curran Jr., Libertarian Danny Malouf, or Green Party candidate David F. Black, answer the call in the IL US Senate?

The choice for the IL US Senate Race belongs to each one of us. VOTE!

Shera Strange is a writer, journalist, and fitness professional. Find her on social media @strangefitnessinc.









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