Illinois School Students May Suffer, Lolla Is Here and Bud Billiken Is Coming

Ouch! Gov. Bruce Rauner did exactly what Illinois House Democrats suspected—he issued an amendatory veto to Senate Bill 1 on Tuesday. In a storm of official statements from various state legislators and Democratic gubernatorial candidates blasting this latest move on the political chess—I have one question?
Why are you all surprised?! Rauner has been pretty blunt in his disapproval of signing off on both a school funding bill that provides CPS with both state budgeting and a state block grant of $250,000.

The Chicago Teachers Union went on strike in 2012 over contractual disagreements. Photo Credit: SDPB Radio

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) doesn’t hold any punches landing them directly on Gov. Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In an official statement, CTU said: “Governor 1% — Rahm’s public education mentor and the self-anointed patron saint of public schools — has the audacity to single out the largest school district in the state and reduce the amount of funding for our district, which is in desperate need.”
To further the blow, the release ends with the following parting words:
“Rauner should drop the charade of governing and provide Chicago’s students their fair share of funding, while Rahm should lead by example and pass real tax increment financing (TIF) reform and reinstate the corporate head tax.
“The Black and Brown students used as backdrops in Rahm and Rauner’s campaign commercials and in their failed legal strategies deserve more than their political posturing.”
Yep. They said it. Black and Brown students from low income households will be hit the hardest. So, while we’re in the middle of one of the most expensive gubernatorial races that will take place in Illinois—our babies are suffering. Between Rauner and Pritzker’s campaign dollars, that should help keep some teachers and faculty on staff along with preventing further budgets cut from the school rooms. Don’t you think?
Political Hiccups
Cook County beverage tax officially kicks in on Wednesday. Damn, damn, damn! I’m dropping my good girlfriend Caryn Lee’s punchbowl.
So, will those 300 county employees get their jobs back? I’m just saying.
Chicago native, NoName performs on Sunday at Lollapalooza.

Lolla Lolla Lolla
We love Lollapalooza, and if you’re a music lover who is able to brave the large crowds of millennial bliss—you will love it too. In 2016, Lollapalooza Music Festival was ranked as the third largest attended outdoor music festival in North America with Firefly Music Fest at second and Austin City Limits holding the top spot.
The four-day festival takes place in Grant Park, where it stretches from Van Buren to Roosevelt Rd. With several stages showcasing the best rock, hip hop, pop, EDM, and alternative soul, the hottest pre-Lolla parties and after parties will be bringing A-list celebs to the streets of Chicago.
On Thursday, for a triple dose of hip hop, check out Migos, Wiz Khalifa on the Bud Light stage and Lil Uzi Vert closing out the night on the Pepsi stage. On Friday, hot picks include rock band Blink 182 on the Bud Light stage and DJ Snake on Perry’s stage—both acts close out the night. On Saturday night, Lolla headliner is Chicago’s own future mayor, Chance the Rapper on the Grant Park stage. Closing out Sunday is Big Sean on the Bud Light stage; local favorite female rapper Lil Yachty on the Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage, NoName and Rae Sremmurd on Pepsi’s stage, and EDM global DJ Zeds Dead on Perry’s stage.
One of my favorite hidden hangout jewels is the Kidpalooza presented by Lifeway, an area where parents and adult guardians can bring their shorties for a separate music experience catered to little people from toddlers to 12 years old. Throughout the festival’s duration, it’s a piece of heaven while kids can enjoy live music by the School of Rock, Q Brothers and other cool children-friendly performances. They also have activities including face painting, drumming and good ole fashion coloring. It’s a great spot to bring the family without missing your favorite bands.
Check out Red Bull TV’s live stream of this year’s Lollapalooza Music Festival on throughout the weekend.
It’s Bud Time!
Bud Billiken is gearing up and the race to the head of the line is on and popping. Check out who wants our vote on Aug. 12 at the second largest parade in the country. There will be plenty of political candidates walking down King Drive for some ABC-7 airtime and of course…shaking hands and kissing babies! This day will also show us just how many white neighbors will reveal themselves in Bronzeville so don’t be shocked. Be nice and offer them a rib tip…they are here to stay.
Baby give me one more Chance! Yes, this year’s Bud Billiken Grand Marshall will be Chicago’s Prince of Hip Hop. Last week’s appearance onstage at the Kendrick Lamar concert brought the United Center in an uproar. Check out our special Bud Billiken Parade issue, which hits newsstands on August 9.
Don’t miss out on this event. No need to rush this year. Yes, it’s starting at 10 a.m. Bring the grills, thrills and your lawn chairs. Don’t forget to tip the snow cone lady! This is about Black pride, community and unity. Too bad we can’t stretch this for a week’s long celebration. The LGBTQ celebrates with a week-long festival. The Puerto Rican community, does it up with 5-day festivities in Humboldt Park, but somehow, we get shut down if we go beyond the allocated time to host a long-day of youth celebration and making sure our kids have a platform to strut their stuff. A word of advice to the CPD…engage, engage, engage with the community. This is a day of bridging the gap and show that you care. This is our day to celebrate our youth and their achievements, goals and investments back into our community.
Know1Radio host, Que ‘Purple Girl’ Johnson

CBS sportscaster, Ryan Baker

Birthday Shout-Outs
Chicago Kimpton Hotel’s Janice Bond and radio vet Devante Stone Pony celebrates on August 1. Househeads unite in wishing Lady Laronda Maestro and Trak Records’ Screaming Rachel Cain; CBS Sportscaster Ryan Baker and my sweetest little niece Symone on August 2. WHPK’s DJ Taigo Onez and comedian Jeremiah Frazier on August 3. Toasting to Know1Radio’s Que ‘Purple Girl’ Johnson; M.A.D.D. Rhythms founder Bril Barrett and businessman Toussaint Werner on August 5. Empire Records’ rep. Leroy Johnson and former Sun-Times columnist Stella Foster on August 6. Latino Fashion Week co-founder and BFF Cesar Rolon, Jr.; Hip Hop Detoxx founder Enoch Muhammad and music vet John ‘Monopoly’ Johnson celebrate on August 7.
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