How Quarantine is Affecting Singles, Their Social Lives, and the Harsh Realities Some Face with Their Relationship Status

While the pandemic has forced people to spend more time together, it has also revealed some harsh and apparent truths to those who are not in relationships. Many singles are accustomed to going on dates, hitting the bar scene, going club-hopping, or gathering with friends. However, with the abrupt turn of events, the singles scene is now on a temporary shut-down. While some singles are okay with temporary solitude, others have realized their reality of being single. For many, this reality is a rude awakening.

Having a healthy social life is vital for singles. It allows you to learn more about others and make meaningful connections. Both are purposeful for individual growth. Many singles remain hopeful of making a love connection while socializing. However, it is also essential to have a healthy relationship with oneself. Connecting with oneself allows you to understand who you are, set goals, and grow spiritually. Balancing a vibrant social life and a peaceful connection with self creates a harmonious balance in your life. During this time of social distancing, singles should take the time to review their relationships with themselves and others.

  1. Make time for you. Spend this quarantine time to find out who you are. Are you someone you would want to be in isolation with? While you are at a distance from others, learn to get close with yourself.
  2. Know the status of your relationship.  Spend this time to discover and understand who you are or are not in someone’s life. Are you the only one or one of many? Did you believe you were the only one, but now see you are the chick or guy on the side? Now is the time to reflect on what you are missing internally and begin to make a list list of what you want in relationships going forward. If you are in a monogamous relationship, take this time to develop a profound understanding of your connection, your partner, and how you both can grow together during this time.
  3. Set goals for living single. Being single is not a curse. This is a time where you can develop yourself, your career, become stronger spiritually, and delve into your purpose for waking up every day without the responsibility of a monogamous relationship. When setting these goals, be sure they are centered around you and your well-being.
  4. Create reasonable negotiables and non-negotiables for your intimate relationships moving forward. Negotiables are things you can compromise on without lowering your standards. Non-negotiables are your deal-breakers. When thinking about these, be sure they are realistic, and both parties involved can benefit from them.
  5. Purge your spirit of toxic relationships. Reflect on how different people you have been involved with have treated you, how they have supported you, and how they have poured into your spirit. Now is the perfect time to let some relationships go.
  6. Sexual distance and lack of intimacy. Many singles believe they are missing physical intimacy with their partners. How deep is your relationship? Is there more to your connection beyond physical gratification? During this time of solitude, take a moment to relish in who you are. To supplement physical interaction, join one of the many virtual workout sessions, concerts, discussions that are available.

Make the most of this time and see the beauty in it as you reconnect with yourself on a higher level.


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