Gospel Gala Turns ‘Gangsta’ [VIDEO]

By now you have heard whispers about the craziness  that transpired this past weekend at Atlanta Gospel Fest.
Our buddy at Joy 105 really digged in.
Let me tell you  people are whispering and chatting and sending links!  So… here is the tea spilled.
Here is what is currently being reported:

We posted this story this morning and our phone lines and emails blew up! There are some mad people in Atlanta about what transpired in Atlanta this weekend. Vicki Winans is a well-respected Gospel Artist in the Christian community. Per us getting the facts today we can now bring you more clarity and the video footage to prove it!
Mrs. Winans and J. Moss were invited and advertised as being a part of this 9th year event known as the, “Atlanta Gospel Fest”. This was a ticketed event so the attendees paid money to hear the artist of their choice. We have been told that J. Moss appeared on Friday night and delivered as he always does, but the catch 22 here was, “HE WAS NOT HANDLE RIGHT FINANCIALLY”….we hear never paid…
We actually spoke to a source who said here were other artists there who did not get paid. One of which, was our good friend  Natalie Grant, who was to be the honoree at the dinner. She went on home to her family and left! Good for you girl!

Here is the update: On Saturday, Mrs. Winans waited patiently in her room ALL day to hear from the host of the event to no avail! After speaking to Mrs. Brooks by phone and being told by Mrs. Brooks that Mrs. Winans has to now follow her agenda, Mrs.Winans then took it upon herself to go defend her name and reputation by showing the attendees she was present and ready to perform. Mrs. Winans gave theevent coordinators her track and went as far as to give gifts to the audience (her new jewelry line) just to make sure her audience knew how much she appreciated them. Mrs.Winans was asked to leave the venue and the police WAS called, needless to say she was NOT allowed to perform!What happened next.. was…exciting!
I spoke with a source who really told me the heartbreaking story.  Dr. Brooks was not transparent with anyone about anything.  None of the artists were paid AT ALL.
Watch the videos here as Vicki lets them have it!

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