Gallery Guichard Blossoms with LURE for Spring



Gallery Guichard Blossoms with Spring
Gallery Guichard Blossoms with Spring



The profiles of the artists whose work is showcased at the Guichard Gallery
The profiles of the artists whose work is showcased at the Guichard Gallery










Chicago is a leader in many things cultural. Whose to argue that it is not a leader in  arts and culture. The visual arts, dance, theatre, music producing

masters in each area. The culinary culture here is without question one of the best in the world hosting some of the best restaurants ever. The theaters of Chicago have birthed some of our most superb actors, the musicians that emerge from the windy city have set precedence in the world of jazz, hip hop and house music. The culture of art galleries stand in a class of their own. Though the rest of the world is always in competition with New York and Paris, Chicago has stood on its own foundation of unique expression never seeking to imitate another or compete with any city but itself.

One of the  galleries of the art galleries that has established itself amongst the art world is Gallery Guichard located in the heart of the historical Bronzeville community at 436 E. 47th street. It has earned recognition not only for the work of fabulous artists that it presents but because of it’s own colorful and exciting  persona.

Much  of this is due to  the Guichards, both visual artists themselves, who not only create art of their own expression, but they also serve as curators for their gallery. The Gallery is amulti-cultural gallery specializing in the art of the African Diaspora. they are committed to creating  a unique art experience while insuring fine arts place in the art community.

The Guichard’s bring their flair for the   progressive and establishing trends, breaking barriers and setting precedence. While the traditional mainstream art world ignores black artists with the few exceptions of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hunt, Kara Walker, and a several others they have carved a special niche in targeting the younger Black Community who are not necessarily familiar with the art of Jacob Lawrence, Charles White, Margaret Burroughs, Elizabeth Catlett, or Romare Bearden, and the rest who came before now.  So Gallery Guichard exposes, introduces and showcases established as well as up and coming contemporary artists of today.

Their  innovative marketing  has helped to establish a clientele of art patrons that purchase art regularly. They have managed to attracted huge crowds to their openings and and if you have never been here’s your opportunity as Gallery Guichard blossoms with spring as it presents Art that Touches the Soul.   Artists  James Drew Richardson of Chicago, Derrock Burnett from Indiana, Roger Carter of Chicago, Walter Bailey of Detroit, Rodney Wade of Chicago and Just Flo of Chicago will all have art exhibited  beginning April 24, 2015 at the opening reception which regards a reservation.



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