G Herbo Ready to Rock Out in First Chicago Show since COVID-19

Home is where the heart is. Artist, G-Herbo, is ready to feel the love heading into his first show in Chicago since the beginning of the pandemic. “You got family, ‘day one’, fans who appreciate the show and your story a whole more”. He continued, “they wanna see the growth since I last performed.”  G Herbo is headlining the Monster Outbreak Energy Tour, performing tracks from his new album “25” (pronounced “two-five”). His new project peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart thanks to tracks, such as “Cold World” and “2 Chains”. The tour’s lineup features fellow Chicago favorites, Lil Zay Osama, DCG brothers, and Philly-born lyricist, Shaun Sloan.

G Herbo Chicago Defender

G Herbo, who is now 26 years old, couldn’t envision the success he’s having in music coming from Chicago. “25” is inspired by the loss of loved ones before reaching that age. Most recently, he lost his best friend, “Lil Gregg”, who was killed on January 28th, less than a week before his 25th birthday (Feb. 3rd). Now, he’s using this album to encourage listeners on how to become an exception like himself.

“You really have to take the time to try to remove yourself from a lot of situations and make a lot of critical, life-changing decisions we aren’t taught…I try to share it as much as possible, my story, so I could help people through their journey in life”, he says.

 “ Let the playgrounds be okay where they can play again (where they can play) S**t the neighborhoods ain’t safe enough to raise them in (damn)…If we don’t stay accountable, this s**t won’t never end”. G-Herbo on “Demands” from the album, “25″

Outside of being a musician, G Herbo is the father of 2 boys and a philanthropist. His youngest son, Essex William Wright, was born in May and was named after 79th and Essex, where G Herbo grew up. And just like he is nurturing his son, G Herbo plans to help pour new life into the city. The “Cry No More” tale teller purchased his childhood school, Overton Elementary, last year to be converted into a media arts center and to give local youth new opportunities he did not have.  “I’m just trying to do the next best thing, he said. “To show people things that’s tangible and give them some type of inspiration and motivation knowing where I came from.”

G Herbo Chicago Defender

G Herbo will be returning to the Chicagoland area for not one, but two shows back-to-back on November 23rd & November 24th. And He’s grateful for his fans’ support throughout his decade long career.  “I’m blessed to be able still to go out on tour and sell tickets, [be] in front of my fans… and overcoming so much adversity and still being able to weather the storm”, he shared.

Check out the complete interview with G Herbo below.

You can purchase tickets to his show by clicking this link

Contributing Writer, David Pierce is an entertainment reporter from Illinois. Find him on social media @DaveFlyP on Instagram and @DaveFlyP7 on Twitter.

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