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I never knew Queen Erykah was a vegan. Check out some of the inspiration she is sharing in this post below by
Erykah Badu is a shining light among a growing population of black vegans. The music icon has been vegetarian for over twenty years, and a strict vegan since the release of her first album Baduizm.

In an interview with Maranda Pleasant, of Origin Magazine, the famous vegan revealed that this nutritional lifestyle helps keep her centered. Not only did she stress the importance of consuming a plant-based diet, but Badu also stated that drinking water regularly throughout the day cleanses the body.
While Erykah Badu is one of the more visible famous black vegans, the lifestyle is growing in popularity with African-American entertainers. Some, like Prince, Russell Simmons, and hip-hop artist Sticman of Dead Prez, have been long-time advocates of a meatless diet.

According to recent research, self-identified black vegans are notably emerging in urban communities across the nation. Hip-hop, an art form that was born in urban areas, has been used as a vehicle to reach and support young people in making healthy eating choices.
Erykah Badu and then-boyfriend Common participated in the documentary Holistic Wellness for the Hip-Hop Generation, which explained the dangers associated with low-quality food consumption. SupaNova Slom (known as ‘The Hip-Hop Medicine Man’), the film’s producer, is almost like royalty among black vegans, considering his mother is none other than holistic healer Queen Afua.
Queen Afua is a world renowned holistic practitioner, entrepreneur, and best-selling author (Heal Thyself & Sacred Woman; available in the store below). She is the founder of The Global City of Wellness Institute and assists students in healing the body with proper nutrition. Both Queen Afua and son SupaNova seem to have the full support of neo-soul songstress.

“The lifestyle that vegetarians lead automatically draws people’s attention to the vitality of the person. My vitality speaks for itself.”
– Erykah Badu

While people adopt this lifestyle for a variety of reasons, Erykah Badu‘s motivation is clearly wellness for the body, mind, & spirit.
She’s dedicated to the mission of recruiting more black vegans in an effort to eradicate many of the unnecessary dis-eases that plague the community.
The artist suggests that this collective healing process is multi-layered. Proper nutrition is critical, but people must be willing to dig deeper into the root cause of what ails them, which may be a spiritual issue.
During her cameo in Holistic Wellness for the Hip-Hop Generation, Badu briefly outlines this process.

Erykah’s 3-Steps to Holistic Healing

This is merely a brief introduction into a rather intricate process; for an in-depth explanation consulting the documentary is recommended. Here are Badu’s recommendations:

  1. Identify the wound(s): What negative beliefs, memories, or emotions are you carrying around? What event(s) sparked their creation? Why are you holding onto them?
  2. Cleanse the Body: Drink plenty of water to help flush impurities out of the body. Incorporate prayer into your daily routine. Set the intention to heal.
  3. Fasting: Fasting allows you to assess your mind and get into a conscious state. It creates the opportunity for you to listen to your spirit, and really evaluate your personal needs.

Erykah is obviously serious about her spiritual, physical & mental health, and desires to spread the healing to all who will listen. Kudos, Ms. Badu!
P.S. She is definitely a curvy vegan, and rocks her voluptuous frame with pride!

Being clear enough to know you want freedom from toxins & poisons is a sense of freedom in itself.
~ Erykah Badu

What should you do next?

  • Find as many helpful resources as you can to aid you in your healing journey.
  • Incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily life. Many people get stuck on the research portion, and never make the leap to implementation. The tools will not work unless you actually use them.
  • There is some literature gathered for you below to help get you started. Good luck!

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