‘Empire’s’ Trai Byers quitting the blockbuster show?

trai byers brothers
Trai Byers, who plays the eldest son of Lucious Lyons on the Fox blockbuster show “Empire” has come out publicly to deny erroneous reports that he wants to leave the show.
As previously reported, an insider told an outlet, Byers wants out. He feels that he studied at Yale and he’s a ‘true thespian’. The character is beneath him. He has an idea of himself as being this big Shakespearean actor.
trai byers fiancee

But Byers, who is engaged to fellow “Empire” co-star Grace Gealy (above), has squashed the rumors by putting out this post on Instagram:
trai dispelling rumors
We think that should settle it for all the fanatical “Empire” fans. Byers is holding strong on the show — for now. But those rumors did not just magically appear out of think air. They came from somewhere.

We’ll see how things play out after Season 3.

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