Electromagnetic Fields and Cell Phones

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EMFs or electromagnetic fields are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. If this is your first time hearing of this term or if you’re well versed in the subject matter; a new federal study by the National Toxicology Program has just declared what cell phone critics have been saying for the longest. That cell phone radiation could cause brain cancer.
As expected, with so much at stake, the cell phone industry has gone on the defensive and published its own findings and no one should be surprised that their reports conclude otherwise.

So just who are you to believe? 

The Chicago Defender was special guest of Edwin Black, international author, researcher and lecturer at AutismOne’s conference this past weekend at Loews Hotel at O’Hare. The conference was an overwhelming success with many presenter sharing the latest developments and treatments in the burgeoning field of autism. Electromagnetic fields have a profound affect on children diagnosed with autism.
There were several key moments during the conference and one in particular when we met a vendor whose sole business was marketing products to protect individuals from EMFs. The Chicago Defender is working to bring you some highlights of the conference including:
Vaxxed – The controversial but true documentary about the CDC cover-up of the link between vaccinations and autism.
Meet Dr. Charles Joseph Smith, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age and went on to earn his doctoral degree. This is truly an amazing story of tragedy, triumph and hope.
And, you don’t want to miss the story on Edwin Black’s presentation on the Nazi genocide in Africa, decades prior to the Holocaust, where the German war machine honed and perfected their techniques.
According to Mr. Black, the objectives of the Nazi regime, which was to create a master race via eugenics and genocide is still ongoing and is alive and well – here in the United States.
Stay tuned as we bring you these ground breaking stories and more that you will not find in MSM.

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