OP-ED: Donald Trump…Take the “L”…Then Leave.

It is now almost 20 days since Donald Trump lost the Presidential election. As of today, Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes and almost 80 million of the popular vote. Thursday evening, Georgia turned blue, proclaiming Joe Biden as the winner. With all the facts starring him in the face, Donald Trump refuses to concede the election. He is also refusing to begin the transition of power to President-Elect Joe Biden.
Donald Trump President-Elect Joe Biden Chicago DefenderWhy should this surprise any of us? Since Trump refutes medical science regularly, I would assume he is not too keen on mathematical science. This is the same President that rejects medical science surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise; Trump says nothing. He chooses to fill his days and America’s courtrooms with baseless and frivolous lawsuits around invisible voter fraud. Ironically, Trump is spending so much time attempting to sue his way into the White House for a job he does not seem to want to do.
Trump secludes himself in the White House instead of addressing more than 250,000 Coronavirus deaths. He pouts in the Oval Office instead of addressing the economic crisis. Like a petulant child, Trump refuses to acknowledge the loss and show dignity in defeat. Blocking President-Elect Biden and his transition team is peak narcissism.  Some would argue this latest tantrum from the President is the perfect end to a year, unlike any other. How many times have we watched in disbelief at Trump’s tantrums and said, “This can’t be real life?”
Typically, a Presidential transition takes 11 weeks. From the day after the election until Inauguration day, there is much to do. The President-Elect must have access to classified information. The President-Elect should also have access to discussions and meetings. As Biden’s transition team attempts to create a plan to address the pandemic, he does not have access to scientists, doctors, and other experts, like Dr. Fauci. Access to them is critical and could save lives. Trump insists on blocking that access.
There is also the threat to our national security. By blocking President-Elect Biden, important intelligence information about our nation’s safety and security is out of Biden’s reach. Does this make us more vulnerable in the eyes of our nation’s enemies? Donald Trump has placed his own ego above the safety and security of every American.
Donald Trump President-Elect Joe BidenAs the winner of the election, President-Elect Biden should receive the funding and resources he needs. This funding allows him to be prepared on day one of his administration. There are staffing decisions, almost 4000, that he must make. The President-Elect needs a new White House Staff, Cabinet members, and advisors. These are critical job positions that help to create policies from campaign promises.
The Presidential Transition Act of 1963 allows the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide the incoming President with offices, equipment, and background checks for security clearance. It will enable the President-Elect and current President to begin the transfer of information. As of now, none of this is in process. The GSA will not recognize Biden as the President-Elect. Currently headed by Trump Appointee, Emily Murphy, she refuses to acknowledge his win. The GSA should be a bi-partisan office but has chosen party over the people.
Trump is wasting the American people’s time, and its’ dangerous. American’s are dying, businesses are collapsing, and people’s hope and income are shrinking. Trump is killing us, our businesses, livelihoods, and quality of life.
It is time for Trump to concede, then leave.
Danielle Sanders is a journalist and writer living in Chicago. Find her on social media at @DanieSandersOfficial.


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