Do Men Have More Difficulty Committing To Marriage Than Women? Ask Dr. Karen

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Dear Dr. Karen:
I am a 29-year-old male and have been in a great relationship for six years, this summer would have been seven. The only issue was my reluctance to commit to marriage and children.
I have never been married and I believe my problem committing to marriage has to do with my older brothers’ experiences. Both of them went through messy divorces with children involved.
Many times over the last few years the question of marriage and children has been brought up. Each time I changed the subject or put down the idea saying I didn’t know or I’m not ready. I know now how much that hurt her. She asked the question again two months ago and little did I know it would be for the last time.
I have had time to reflect on my situation and I am ready to ask her to marry me. I don’t want to lose her. I have sent letters, been to her house and left her messages on the phone. She has not responded to anything. Someone told me that if I persist too hard I might push her away. So, for the past few weeks I have not contacted her. Every minute that goes by is like a year. I’m having a hard time and can’t let go.
                                                                         Lost Love
 Dear Lost Love:
Obviously you’re not having a hard enough time! If you were you would have bought a ring and gone to her on bended knee begging.
When a relationship like yours goes on for years and years without engagement or marriage, one of the parties loses interest in going to the next level. 

When a man wants something, he wants something. He wants to make it his own. You didn’t want to make her your own bad enough and she knows it. Give her back her life. If you really care about her, let her go. Seemingly, she has moved on.

*** Do men have more of a commitment problem when it comes to marriage? Or, do women have the same issues?
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