Forgotten- A Poem by David Roman

Forgotten 1
I’m often inspired by images that trigger thoughts told to me by the wind, voices from the past.
The struggles a mother suffers to raise her children as a single parent, then to have an ungrateful son forget, he is, who he is, because she struggled into the night and set the bar for him to reach as high as he has.
I sat and listened as a mother told me of her pain, of a son, who forgot her as he climbed the ladder.
She, in her scarf covered head, and he in his two thousand euro Hugo Boss suits.
Broken hearts are universal they know no color, she immigrated to Germany so he could have a better life.
So came this memory of her telling me her story, as I looked at this tree that sits alone, along the coast at Seal Rock in San Francisco it seemed like a broken soul to me.
She called me deep within my mind.
A voice I once knew, once loved.
Her name lost in the wind, broken by
the passage of time.
We once walked together, laughed together,
she whispered in the wind.
I turned to find her,
but there was only a broken bush, bent in time.
I stood and watched it struggle with the wind
a battle it would never win.
You look at me so strange my son, do you not know me now.
I, who gave you life, who nursed your body.
I, who gave you all I could, to see you reach your dreams.
You, I asked, as the wind screamed my name.
You battered from your burden, from your lot in life.
Yes I, the one you wish to forget, in your success.
I gave you all I had, that you might shine one day.
I, the one who shames you in your success, in your shallowness.
I, the bearer of your dreams, my dreams, she whispered in the wind.
I watched with tears as she spoke on.
I lifted you above all others, you my pride, my son.
And now, you have forgotten me, as I lie broken,
too feeble to stand, too feeble to walk.
My body broken, as I struggled to give you life, feed your
soul with the strength to be ashamed of me.
You have sucked me dry, but you haven’t killed me.
For even in the scorn you show to me,
I am here, the one who gave you life.
Be not ashamed of what you see,
for I am you my love.
And I will love you, even as you scorn me.
For I have given you my all, so why not all my love,
till the wind makes dust of me.

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