“Once again, our whole nation is watching in horror as police officers brutalize a young Black man on camera. Tyre Nichols was only 29 years old, and leaves behind a young son, who will most certainly be traumatized by this horrific loss. This keeps happening, over and over and over again, with too little changing to keep Black and Brown people safe.

“I am a father of three. My son is 15 years old. Every day, I fear for his life as he walks out the door to catch the train, to ride his bike, to go see his friends. He’s getting ready to take his driving test soon, and instead of celebrating this milestone, I can’t help but wonder if putting him behind the wheel of a car puts a greater target on his back.

“Nothing can bring back what’s been taken from the Nichols family, or from so many other families. But as a society, we have a responsibility to act to prevent this from happening anywhere in our nation again. That begins with the kind of swift and unprecedented accountability these officers are already facing – accountability that Chicago’s leaders have for too long lacked the courage to enforce when police misconduct happens in our city. 

“My heart is heavy today, and my prayers are with Mr. Nichols’ mother, stepfather, son and his entire family. I pray for them to find some measure of peace, and for the rest of us to be galvanized to action, and to break this wicked cycle.”

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