Coming Soon To Chicago State University…

$20,107,300 in partial funding

By Ken Hare
Chicago Defender Staff Writer
cscSenate Bill 2059 has been signed by Governor Rauner, thus saving higher education schools across the state from slashing jobs and shuttering their doors in the midst of the 2016 graduating class.
State Representative, Rita Mayfield (D – Waukegan), when asked this morning by the Chicago Defender if she anticipated the governor signing the bill today said “Absolutely, his staff has indicated that he is going to sign it.”
Under the bill, Chicago State University has been appropriated $20,107,300 in funding as well as $169,798,700 for the MAP program.
Senator Donne Trotter, although cautiously optimistic, stressed that this is a temporary measure and that the fight continues. He stated: “Chicago State, in my own backyard, would be on the brink of closure without this funding. I am glad that my Republican counterparts, and hopefully the governor, are finally on board with helping students graduate.”
To encourage the Governor to sign the bill, contact his office at 217.782.0244.
This story has been updated to reflect the passage of SB2059 as of Monday, April 25, 2016 (2:36 PM, CST) 


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