Civil Rights groups call for release of video arrest of Sandra Bland Earlier

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Civil rights organizations are demanding the release of video and all pertinent information be released regarding the mysterious and questionable death of Sandra Bland in Waller County Jail.
Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of, accused the police of hiding behind their badges and not being forthcoming, the most telling signs of police misconduct.
“It is unacceptable that the public has yet to see any official video footage of Sandra Bland’s arrest or incarceration,” he said. “Thankfully, an eye-witness was courageous enough to film the brutal arrest, so we know a Texas State Trooper’s beat Sandra to point where she reported no longer being able to hear.  But what happened when the officer first pulled Sandra over? What happened once she was brought into the station and over the next 3 days when she was incarcerated? How did she die? We have the right to know what happened.”
Recent reports have revealed that Waller County Jail officials did not follow protocol when monitoring Sandra and failed to check on her in person. In addition, District Attorney Mathis and Waller County Sheriff Smith have a history of racism and abuse of power.
“The longer authorities hold on to key evidence such as jail video, police dash camvideo, photographs, reports and internal emails surrounding her incarceration, theless we can trust the content of that data. They must release all information, now.”
Over the past two days, more than 70,000 ColorOfChange members have called on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to launch an independent investigation into Sandra Bland’s death in police custody. View the petition here:
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