Chicago Two-Flat or Chicago Flats?

Chicago Two-Flat

Chicago brick two-flat buildings on the city’s south side

According to a study from Depaul’s Institute for Housing, two-flats comprise 27 percent of Chicago’s housing stock. Built primarily in the early 20th century, they are characterized as a residential building containing two dwelling units located on a single lot. The dwelling units must share a common wall or common floor/ceiling and are usually built one on top of the other using either brick or frame construction, but primarily brick.
Chicago’s West Side and South Sides are famous for their greystone and brick, two-flat buildings. However, the genesis of the Chicago-style two-flat can trace its origin back to Eastern European immigrants known as the Bohemians. First generation Bohemian immigration helped fuel the demand for two-flat housing in Lawndale – both north and south – and Pilsen as well. After years of renting and saving money they started snapping up two-flats in response to advertising that appeared in the Tribune around 1905 – 1910, appealing to their senses to make money as a landlord, according to WBEZ.
It was reported that 38 million in real estate deals had transacted due to the demand of this new housing that afforded an opportunity for those working in the factories to move into the middle class, through investing in real estate.
In 2010, K-Town in Lawndale made it onto the National Register of Historic Places and has sparked a resurgence of interest in rehabbing and developing many of these properties into high-end housing. Today, a greystone two-flat, 3b/2b renovated is listing at the still affordable price of $250K.

Chicago Flats

Kosher onion-flavored flatbread

Chicago Flats, the makers of the gourmet flatbread is owned by Distinctive Foods, LLC in Wheation, IL. Distinctive Foods purchased the kosher company in 2000 adding it to its umbrella of other baked goods products and companies.

The best-seller comes in a variety of flavors and is manufactured using a all-natural yeast-raised lahvosh that has a dedicated following in the US and Canada, according to their website.

So if a two-flat is out of your price range; try a Chicago Flat – cost, about $4.19.

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