'Chicago PD' Premieres To Mixed Reviews

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“Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf knows a thing or two about crime procedurals. His latest, “Chicago PD,” premiered to mixed critical reviews, but that may not hurt it one bit in the ratings. “PD” is a spin-off of “Chicago Fire,” which was also met with a tepid critical response, and has grown into a show powerful enough to spawn this spin-off.
The good news for Wolf is that some critics are supportive of the new show, which follows an elite intelligence unit of the Chicago Police Department. Jason Beghe originated the role of squad leader Hang Voight on “Fire” before shifting over to his own series, and there are several other character crossovers, and more promised for down the line.
Writing for The New York Daily News, David Hinckley called this Wolf’s “best-focused” work since the original “L&O.” Entertainment Weekly’s Samantha Highfill said that it was good for what it is. “If you like procedural cop shows, you will enjoy it,” she wrote. “Even if you don’t like procedural cop shows, you still might enjoy it. It certainly isn’t boring, but it also hasn’t found its groove just yet.” Over at Vulture, though, Margaret Lyons didn’t like it at all. She called it simply a “bad show,” adding that “the dialogue is predictable, the acting is marginal, and the plots are the swept-up leftovers from the Dick Wolf Idea Factory … It feels more like ‘Southland’ with all the energy, ideas, and drama sucked out.”
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