Chicago Native, Actor, Michael Boatman Dishes on Season 5 of “The Good Fight”

Michael Boatman The Good Fight Chicago Defender

Chicago native, actor, Michael Boatman is no stranger to playing roles that challenge the notion of what Blackness looks like.  Born in Colorado Springs but raised on the southside of Chicago, Michael Boatman has enjoyed longevity as an actor.  A self-confessed “science nerd”, Boatman discovered acting while attending high school in Harvey, IL. From there he studied theatre at Western Illinois University.   After graduating he was cast in the film “Hamburger Hill” with Don Cheadle and Steven Weber.  Since then, he has enjoyed life as a working actor appearing in a variety of comedies, television dramas, and films.  He is best known for playing the black, and gay New York City mayoral aide Carter Heywood on the hit comedy series, “Spin City”. In addition to his acting talents, Michael Boatman is an accomplished screenwriter and novelist.

The recipient of two NAACP Image awards, Michael Boatman is an actor of great versatility who is unafraid to challenge himself to take roles that portray different aspects of black life.  Currently, he stars as Julius Cain, the Trump-supporting conservative attorney on Paramount+, “The Good Fight”.

Michael Boatman The Good Fight Chicago Defender

“The Good Fight” picks up one year after the events of the final broadcast episode of “The Good Wife,” where an enormous financial scam has destroyed the reputation of a young lawyer, Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), while simultaneously wiping out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart’s (Baranski) savings. Forced out of Lockhart and Lee, they join one of Chicago’s pre-eminent African American-owned law firms during the Trump Administration. Now in its 5th season, “The Good Fight” deals with issues ripped from today’s headlines.  This season is no different, tacking real-life issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, Racial tension, Diversity & Equity, and life in a post-Trump era, the “Good Fight” is smart, witty, and funny and masterfully shows the showcase the complexities of being an African American professional in today’s society.

Julius Cain, played by Michael Boatman experienced persecution and challenges as he navigated his first year as a federal judge. With “Memo 618”, Cain found himself immersed in a secret conspiracy and subsequently faced blackmail charges that end in season 4 with his conviction and arrest.  The Chicago Defender had a chance to speak with this versatile actor about his Chicago roots, his career, and season 5 of the “Good Fight”


The “Good Fight” was recently renewed for another season and is currently streaming on Paramount+.


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