Chicago High School Celebrates 2021 Graduation with Virtual Commencement Speech by Entertainer Waka Flocka.

After their socially distance 2020 graduation ceremony in the parking lot of Soldier Field, this year Innovations High School has upped the ante and moved the ceremony for their 2021 graduating class inside of the historic home of the Chicago Bears, Soldier Field. Graduates who spent the entire school year learning virtually will have rapper, recording artist, and reality TV Star, Waka Flocka give the virtual commencement address televised on the jumbo screen. The Graduation will be held Monday, June 21 at Soldier Field.

“The future of education (and indeed all social interaction) has changed and will continue to evolve. Remote learning has proven to be a viable option in crisis and hybrid learning helps address a lot of issues that were previously more challenging.  As a school, we want to stay prepared for our students and staff.  We were already looking into this prior to the urgency of the pandemic, and now it is moving towards becoming the standard.  Of course we still absolutely value the merits of in-person instruction and human interaction as it is the core of culture and existence.  Developing a model that encompasses will be as ongoing and evolving as our ever-changing times”.-Omar Moore, COO & Co-Founder of Innovations High School

Taking into consideration that many of their students had to overcome everyday challenges to achieve their diploma, compounded by the effects of Covid-19, protests, and looting. It became a priority to the administration staff and teachers for the students to be celebrated after a full year of virtual school.  Innovations High School (IHS), a Campus of Youth Connection Charter School owned and operated by the CIRCLE Foundation. IHS offers a 22-credit high school curriculum in a small school setting for students 17-21 years of age who have experienced challenges in other schools, which lead them to be at risk of failure or dropping out. The school is designed to refocus students on academics and push them to excel and strive for the highest standards. All students are provided with a mentor to assist them with self-concept and decision-making as they mature into young adults. CIRCLE Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that facilitates innovative educational experiences, inspirational leadership development, insightful guidance opportunities, and dutiful support service programming. CIRCLE Foundation stands for “Creating Inspirational Realities Collectively Lifting Everyone.” Their mission is to establish an institution that innovatively inspires and empowers people to realize their highest aspirations. Their vision is to become an agent of change that encourages, promotes, and supports high intelligence, harmonious social interaction, personal fulfillment, and humanitarian advancement.

“Given the continuation of a turbulent school year, and 2021 being the first school year where students were 100% in remote learning, we felt the graduates and their parents deserved the greatest celebration possible for the adjustments they had to make to be successful this year,” says LaShaun Jackson, CEO & Co-Founder of Innovations High School.

Graduates will be seated along with staff on the field. Parents and other guests will be seated in the stands. The graduation stage will be in the end zone with the seating for guests in the back of the end zone. In addition to the live graduation, the ceremony will also be streamed online at Innovations High School Social Media.



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