Cast of ‘Snowfall’ Honor the Life of John Singleton at Season 3 Premiere

The cast of FX’s hit drama series “Snowfall” made their stop in Chicago last Friday for the Season 3 Premiere. In one of their first collective red carpet appearances since the passing of Executive producer and Co-creator John Singleton, the cast expressed mixed emotions about their appearance without the legendary director and producer.

Singleton’s untimely passing in April, due to a massive stroke, was a huge blow to the cast and crew as the season was only partially completed. However, the cast was hopeful in moving forward, many recalling how proud Singleton was of what had already been accomplished.

“He was able to see five to six episodes before he passed,” said Isaiah John, who portrays Leon on the show. “He told me he was proud of the show.”

In what many anticipated would be a somber experience, the cast remained positive and eager to share their thoughts and memories of Singleton, insisting that his spirit lives on in their lives and work on the show.

“This gives everyone an opportunity to push forward for him and really move in his honor. Everyone is pushing forward for his legacy because his legacy changed our lives,” John said.

Actress Micheal Hyatt, who portrays Franklin’s mom on the show, insists that Singleton’s spirit is still present in work the team has created this season.

“John left all of himself,” she said. “He left all of his energy. He is here right now. This was John’s vision 10 years ago. So, everything that is this show is John’s energy. So, he hasn’t gone anywhere.”

On the other hand, co-creator Dave Antron still expresses disbelief that his partner and co-creator was not there to share in the celebration.

“I never thought for a second I would be in this journey without him being a part of it. I’m just grateful that we had four years together to figure out what the show is, know what the vision for it is so that in his absence we can continue to carry the torch and carry on,” Antron said.

The show’s breakout star Damson Idris, who plays Franklin talked briefly about his gratitude for his relationship with the legendary director.

“He left me so many codes. He was my big brother. He really took me under his wing and left me the knowledge that I’m going to one day pass on to a young me,” Idris said. “I know he’d be proud of this show and everything we’ve created and that’s what today is all about. John was about the work. He was about authenticity and he was about doing things for his people. And, that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Snowfall” Season 3 premiered 9p.m. Central, Wednesday, July 10, on FX.

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