“Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” may have dropped from the top spot of the Billboard 100, but Cardi B continues to slay the music scene, now signing a publishing deal with powerhouse company Sony/ATV.
If you ever questioned the Bronx native’s lyrical prowess, wonder no more. She made it explicitly clear that she writes her own rhymes, announcing the newly inked deal on her Instagram account.

As you may recall, the rapper/reality star/social media influencer also signed a major recording contract with Atlantic Records back in June.A publishing deal differs from a record deal by focusing on the composition versus the performance. A publishing company will not only pair a songwriter up with different producers or writers for collaborations, but they also work to find endless ways for a musical composition to make money, by placing a tune in commercials, restaurants, malls, and movies or even selling printed sheet music.
I hope you haven’t grown tired of Cardi B’s aggressively addicting tunes, because if the success of “Bodak Yellow” is any indicator, you’ll now be hearing a lot more.