Broken Minds

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I was on the way to the gallery this morning, and passed  young children going to school.
I thought about how they looked to me, and it reminded me of when I was young.
Kids laughing playing and excited to go to class.
Then a quick thought came to me, of a school I saw in Los Angeles when I was living there.
So my mind got to working and came up with this.

Broken Minds
I got a job at my local school,
Its been twenty years,
since I’ve been back.
I’m so excited I can’t wait,
to walk those pink warm hallways,
I wonder if my lockers there.
The old school’s still the same,
but now they have a guard.
And metal detector greets the kids,
not Sam the janitor, my have times changed.
Armed guards walking down the halls,
well that’s something new.
And detention rooms got iron bars,
looks like jail to me.
Classroom doors, have two locks on them,
a deadbolt locks them in.
I don’t remember a lock at all,
it seems nothing stays the same.
My old classroom, where I met Sue,
has fifty dirty desk.
Back in the day, there was three rows of four,
and that was too many then.
Walls that use to show our art ,
are covered with graffiti.
Nasty words written everywhere,
spellings a big problem.
I hope I’m wrong, but that’s a bullet hole,
whats going on here.
Broken books, lying on dirty floors,
what happen to the janitor.
Cardboard boxes, covering broken windows,
and the heat doesn’t work.
Seems to me, this rooms taken a licking,
nothing is the same.
Back in the day, we had everything,
our schools were our foundation.
Times have changed it seems to me,
our kids they seemed confused,
now I see the reason why
their lost, and full of violence.
Because we have broken minds,
coming out of broken homes, going to broken schools.
But we have money to spend on bombs.

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