Black and Livin’: The 10 Best Cities For Black People To Live

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When it comes to being Black in America, there are many things to consider before deciding on a place to settle down and live. What’s the cost of living? Are the schools good? What’s the crime rate? Researchers have done most of the heavy lifting by compiling many lists for Black families to do their own research on the best places for them to live.

Check below for our list of the best cities for Black people to live.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

High above Lynnhaven Inlet - Virginia Beach, Virginia
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In the Virginia Beach metro area, more than 5% of businesses are black owned.

Atlanta, Georgia 

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Known as the South’s “black mecca,” residents’ credit ATL’s rich culture —as well as its economic, educational, and social opportunities — for why thousands of Black folks from the North have migrated to the South in recent years

Grand Prairie, Texas

According to finance website SmartAsset, Grand Prairie is tied with Virginia Beach, Virginia, as the place where Black Americans fare best economically.

Orlando, Florida

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With its warm weather, a developing housing market and great job opportunities — Orlando has risen to the top of many lists as a great place for Black people to live

Raleigh, North Carolina 

A study done by Brandeis University revealed that when it comes to quality of resources and conditions, Raleigh was the only city in the South that made it in the top 10 for opportunities for black and Hispanic children.

Washington, DC

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Known as “Chocolate City”, DC’s employment opportunities are booming — specifically for those with a career in government.

Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, black household income is higher than in most other big cities. The city ranked number 6 on Forbes list of cities where African Americans are doing well. 

Fort Washington, MD

According to NPR, Maryland boasts the country’s highest rate of black ownership and of blacks holding advanced degrees. Fort Washington, MD has been ranked as one of the wealthiest Black communities in the country. 

Houston, Texas

Buffalo Bayou, Houston Skyline, Texas, America
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With its large Black middle class, and solid economy, the fourth largest city in America is often referred to as the “best kept secret in Black America.”

Portland, Oregon

Black people have made significant contributions to politics, medicine, the environment, sports and the arts in Oregon. The city is known for its rich black history and cultural essence.

Looking to move in 2022? This list is for you.

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