OP-ED: Black Girl Magic-Stacey Abrams Saves Democracy

Stacey Abrams Chicago DefenderAll hail Stacey Abrams! The tyranny at the U.S. Capitol by domestic terrorists, a noose built on federal grounds by racists, and a Confederate flag toted inside the U.S. Capitol by a white nationalist, will not overshadow one of the most extraordinary feats. For the first time, the new blue state of Georgia made history with the Senate runoffs. Raphael Warnock (D) will be the first Black senator to represent Georgia, while 33-year-old Jon Ossoff will be the youngest Democrat elected to the Senate since Joe Biden was elected in 1972. Although the odds and history were against the newly elected senators, they were no match for the force and the genius that is Stacey Abrams.

The country owes Stacey Abrams a massive debt of gratitude. Her organization ‘Fair Fight‘ mobilized one of the most significant grassroots voting rights movements. This movement caused a considerable shift in this country. After her loss in the historic gubernatorial race sabotaged and stolen by voter suppression efforts launched by Governor Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams turned that negative moment into a positive one. For ten years, Stacey Abrams has brought awareness to election reform. She uses her platform to combat voter suppression in Georgia and around the country. Her hard work and mobilization efforts are coming into fruition resulting in flipping Georgia’s state to blue and twin victories for Senate seats. It is a sweet victory and revenge for Abrams. In her words, “Revenge can be very cathartic.” However, out of this evolution is a provocation of darker and contentious politics.

Stacey Abrams Chicago DefenderOh, the apocalyptic fear of the shift of power for white conservatives in this country. It is sad and comical to watch at the same time. This fear manifested itself in the Capitol Hill insurrection. Figuratively and unfortunately literally, that is the hill that they chose to die on. These conservatives decided to hitch themselves to the Trump train, and now their party is imploding. The past election has exposed what most Black people have already known. It has shown the fragility and mediocrity of most conservative (I use that term loosely) white men in politics. Instead of accepting defeat, they would rather steal and gerrymander elections. Disenfranchising voters of color is second nature. They have been doing it for decades and can not win elections on their feeble merit. The demographic transition that is sweeping this country heightens the anxiety for most white conservative men and women. They will realize that Black people, people of color, Dreamers, Progressives, LGBTQIA, and even socially moderate white people are the new multi-cultural majority, and the numbers are only increasing.

Watching the chickens come home to roost has never been more satisfying to many in this country. Not to diminish the Black Girl Magic that is Stacey Abrams, but she had one unlikely ally, Mr. Donald Thug-In-Chief Trump. The “President” title left off intentionally. His behavior and antics were never befitting of the title, and many fell loc step with this demoralizing windbag of lies. If his cult followers had half a gnats brain, they would realize that Trump is why many lost their elections. He undermined and threw his Republican party under the bus. While his lies suppressed his own party’s vote, Abrams has increased turnout to record numbers and engaged voters who have never wanted to vote.

Abrams exhibited that you can successfully subvert institutions put in place to oppress and suppress marginalized voices. It did not happen overnight, and she remained steadfast with her ten-year strategy. We have to see that Abrams’s work and numerous other Black women who are working beside her are not in vain. It is possible that she as well other grassroots organizations in Georgia such as- Tamieka Atkins and ProGeorgia, Helen Butler and Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, Deborah Scott and GA Stand Up, LaTosha Brown and Black Voters Matter Fund, Nsé Ufot and theNew Georgia Project, Color of Change and Mijente, may have changed the trajectory of America.

Kelly Washington is a freelance writer living on the southside of Chicago. You can follow her on LinkedIn or social media at BlackBFly7 (Twitter).



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