Black Girl Magic, Black Doctors Matter: Fighting for Justice and COVID-19

People are gathering in full force to fight for justice for African American victims of police brutality. The display of unity is an astounding example of how humanity can come together in peace for a good cause. However, while protests continue, we must not forget that we are still living amongst a pandemic.

As crowds gather in the name of justice, it seems as though social distancing has been placed on hold to some degree. However, we must continue to be responsible and ensure we are taking care of our health (and others) while simultaneously fighting for a good cause.

COVID-19 testing centers are available around the city; however, one doctor has taken it upon herself to provide testing on the Southside of Chicago. Dr. Kelli Gills, MD, a native of Chicago and graduate of Morehouse School of Medicine, has partnered with Project H.O.O.D, Primary Diagnostic Lab, True Telemedicine, and NuAge to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic amid racial turmoil.

Dr. Gills stated that this is more than an event. It is a pilot aimed to get us one step closer toward the achievement of true health equity in our lower-income communities.

“Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, I witnessed the disparities that plagued my community. I witnessed the systemic injustices and health gaps that stemmed from generational disadvantages. These disadvantages that disproportionately affect the black and minority population.

As a native of the Woodlawn community, I was a first-hand observant of the growing “diversity.”  I would see the white coats appear and go. The advertisement of the University of Chicago slowly expanded into my neighborhood. Yet, it was still that little community clinic on the corner that stood out to me, That community clinic exuded compassion for those Southside community members. Fifteen years later, I have been blessed to set forth that same passion and assist in a community I hold dear to my heart”.

The event will take place on Friday, June 12th, and Saturday the 13th from 12:00 to 3:00 pm at 6330 S. King Drive, the home of Project H.O.O.D., and it is free. Testing is on a first-come, first-served basis, and you must have valid identification. Also, if you are looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, they are seeking volunteers for the event.

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Let us continue to support each other in rewriting the narrative of equity across the board for our communities. Come out and get tested or show your support. The only way our communities can move forward is to work from the inside out.

Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle, Love and relationship writer who advocates for single women to Live Happily Ever Present. Connect with her on social media, liz_lampkin

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