Black Friday Brawls at the Malls Over Electronics, Barbies (Video)

brawl 3
Let the brawls begin.
Black Friday popped off with elbows and wrestling matches after shoppers waited hours in line to bumrush malls and shopping outlets to get to that coveted over-discounted electronics equipment around the country.
One video taken at a Walmart store shows shoppers diving protectively on top of discount Samsung flatscreen TVs, clawing at each other over the discounted big screens before store security and armed police officers break up the mob.
At a Michigan City, Ind., Walmart, a couple donning Chicago Bears jerseys ripped a set of Sony speakers out of another shopper’s hands, hurling explicatives as the man whipped the box around, nearly bashing a scooter-bound man in the face with the package.
And some 150 miles south, in Indianapolis, a man was tossed from a city mall early Friday after being “too rowdy” — and promptly started a second brawl with another man in the parking lot, WXIN-TV reported.
When an off-duty cop stepped in to break it up, the man attacked the officer. And when the man’s girlfriend showed up, she too joined in on the beatdown before police were able to subdue and arrest both perps, the Fox affiliate reported.
Take a look at one video of the early morning madness.
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Photos and video: Tooba Amir via YouTube

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