Black Chicago Police Commander Faces Trial

Black Chicago Police Commander Faces Trial on Excessive Force Charge

As much as we know it’s true, it still churns our stomachs.  Even when it’s captured on film like in “Boys in The Hood,” when Cuba Gooding is pulled over and manhandled by the Black cop, it made us sick. It’s always been horrible but particularly in light of the deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of white police it really hurts to learn of a Black police officer abusing his authority.  Chicago police commander Glenn Evans whose aggressive manner  won him street respect amongst fellow officers and community leaders is scheduled  go on trial June 22 on charges that he crossed the line by shoving the barrel of his service weapon down a man’s throat and threatening to kill him.

He  will become the second recent Chicago police officer facing criminal charges to opt to let a judge, not a jury, decide his fate at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

Unfortunately  for Evans the timing  does not working his favor.  There’s much ado around the national debate over police use of force against unarmed African-Americans after deaths in Baltimore, New York City and Ferguson, Mo. A Cook County judge’s acquittal last month of a Chicago police detective in the fatal 2012 off-duty shooting of an unarmed black woman also captured national headlines. He will not be looked at lightly.


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