Bitter cold has arrived. Keep yourself and family safe and warm.

CHICAGO — Bitter cold temperatures are here. Use these winter tips to keep yourself and your family
safe and warm.

Prevent carbon monoxide dangers: Make sure carbon monoxide detectors are working properly
and learn the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Oven safety: Never use a stove or oven to heat your home. Not only is it inefficient, it could lead to
carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep your meters clear: If your natural gas meter is outside and you can safely access it, brush
away snow and ice from your meter and vents. The extra weight can stress or crack piping and cause
a leak. It also can clog appliance vents, trapping carbon monoxide indoors.

Space heater safety: Only use newer models with safety features like automatic shut-off. Keep
space heaters at least 6 feet away from flammable materials like drapes or blankets. Plug heaters
directly into the wall, not into extension cords or power strips. Place the heater on a flat surface away
from children and pets.

Safe sleeping: Turn off electric blankets when they are not being used. Keep pets away from electric
blankets, as their teeth and claws can puncture wire insulation and cause damage.
Let the sun in: Open curtains or blinds when the sun is out to help warm your home. Close them at
night to help retain heat and cut down on drafts.

Heat your home efficiently: A few simple steps — such as sealing gaps around windows and doors,
adjusting your thermostat and changing furnace filters — can keep homes cozy and energy bills
down. Check out tips to manage your costs.
Energy assistance: Peoples Gas offers numerous resources for customers — including budget
billing, payment plans and heating assistance.

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